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Will my response rate be affected?

I have replied to a booking inquiry but I have not accept or declined the booking inquiry and the 24 hours have past (the 24 hour clock disappeared after I replied). Will my response rate still be affected? and should I still accept or decline the booking?

Yes, your response rate and time will be affected, because they are calculated on whether you respond (you didn’t) and how long it takes you to do so.

I would go ahead and accept or decline it. If you don’t have acceptable answers by now from them, decline it and send them a message that you’ll open it up to them if they respond with the info you need. (You’d need to use Special Offer I think, but you can do a special offer for the same price.)

He said he did reply to the inquiry and so that first contact is the most important thing. After initial response, I believe it doesn’t matter how long it takes to work out details with the potential guest.


Interesting, so hosts could get out of making any decision just by asking a question in reply, seems a bit poor for the guests!

Not at all, the guest was just asking about the listing and did not request to book. I think if you respond within 24 hours you keep your 100% response rate, well I hope I do as I just responded to questions about my neighborhood but they did not request to book. Anybody else?

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I think even as an inquiry, our response rate will be affected, if we responded but not pre-approve or decline.

I used to be a 100%-ter. Recently, I had a handful of enquiries with communication still to-ing and fro-ing which made me held back from pre-approving. Then, I had an email from Airbnb saying that it is important for me to pre-approve within 24 hours. My response rate dropped to 99%. Not too happy with that !!!

I think the way they (Airbnb) do it is very unfair. The way I operate with every enquiry is that I send a standard message to the potential guest that they should read the listing again very carefully and that a car hire is highly recommended to get around from the property. That there won’t be any meet-and-greet (access via security lock). And if they agree to that, to write to me again to give me the green light to pre-approve or accept booking. I guess I should more ruthless and start declining enquiries who don’t respond to the above within an hour or so because I can’t be keeping an eye on the clock all the time to see if my 24 hours is up :frowning:

The response rate is based on whether you RESPOND. If it is an inquiry, you have to RESPOND within 24 hours. So, send them a message and you will have fulfilled the necessary requirement. In this case, the guest has not entered their credit card information, and may have sent inquiries to a number of hosts. Questions may remain from either side, which is why you need only reply with a message. If they don’t respond with the needed answers for you to Pre-Approve the stay, you can simply click Dismiss. The response rate is NOT impacted so long as you respond with a message.

If it is a Request to Book, you will have a timer showing the 24 hours you have to Accept or Decline the request. In this case, you must select one of those options. Simply sending a message is not sufficient. In this case the guest has already entered their credit card info and has decided to stay with you.

Think of it in terms of the level of commitment the guest has shown. If they have simply sent a question, they can send many and inquire of numerous hosts. If they have made a request to book, they need a response ASAP so they can make a request of another host should you choose to decline. Should they have multiple pending requests and multiple hosts accept, they will have to cancel one or more paid reservations.

This, therefore, is why the response required differs based on whether it is a simple Inquiry or Request to Book.


Excellent explanation!

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