Will I cop flack by writing a an honest review about a bad guest?

My last guests left late, left the house dirty, did not respect our house rules (we’re remote and on hydro-electric power and they left all the lights on), and to top it off, took all the complimentary items out of the fridge and pantry - oils, vinegars, rice, jams etc etc! I want to write an honest review, but am wondering if this will turn around and bite me on the proverbial back-side if I do?

Your guest stole from you. Your guest was a thief.
Take the high road. Write an honest review.


Thanks for your input. That’s what I want to do. I just don’t know enough about the Airbnb system and if they back you in these cases. I have made lots of notes, if that is of any benefit?

Oh dear it sounds like you are new to Airbnb and haven’t read up on how it works before you let your listing go live.

Have you looked at the Airbnb Help Centre. If not spend some time on there looking at how it works - particularly look at

  1. Reviews - they are left blind so the guest won’t know what you say when they leave their review

  2. Host and guest cancellations

  3. Airbnb guarantee

Also read up on the guides for new hosts and general guides on Airbnb Community Forum

Just write a factual review - point out any positives say communications, cleanliness etc. Express disappointment that your guests left with all the complimentary items in your fridge.

You can also post a draft here and we can comment to help you finalise it.


Leave an honest review.
you’ll be fine. they might send an message or two to you, but leaving honest feedback is more important.
Document what was stolen (if you can prove you had it in the first place, it’d be easier) and put in a support ticket

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Not sure if there has been Theft, but that would be a Police matter.

Yes, you need to write a bad review, but the good news is you’ve already composed it! Just use what you basically wrote above… you are directing it to other hosts. I would not use the word steal or thieves or theft though. Simply describe what the guest did regarding the fridge items matter of factly, and that is enough for all hosts to get the idea. Don’t say complimentary, either because that’s like saying they took all the items we left for guests.

“ xxx guests did not respect check out time, left the house dirty, did not respect our house rules (we’re remote and on hydro-electric power and they left all the lights on), and to top it off, cleaned us out of all items from the fridge and pantry - oils, vinegars, rice, jams, etc. Cannot recommend.”

Now… lastly, and this is very important…wait until the last second to leave the review. The guest probably knows the stay did not go well, and if he gets a notification you have left a review, he might be prompted to leave a bad one for you. So look at the time stamp of the first email notification you got from Air reminding you to review them. The deadline will be exactly 14 days from that time. You can use the countdown timer on the dashboard to watch for it. Have it ready and leave it with like one or two minutes to spare so they don’t have time to leave one for you. Good luck and sorry about the bad guests.

PS… I would also take a look at your house rules and make sure they are firm enough. Sometimes guests sense a newb and know they can take advantage.


Wow !! Have you checked the remote controls for the batteries yet!? Bet they took those too! What appalling guests. I would be livid.
Great idea about leaving “complimentary” out of your review.
I did a quick tally and it would cost over $100 to restock my kitchen with all the provided essentials. Not to mention the time etc.

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Bad review & open a ticker in resolution center for stealing dry-foods.

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Thanks for your input!

Thank you, that is very sound advice. I will look into the Help Centre. Much appreciated.

Thanks Ben,
I’ll do exactly that.

I am very grateful for all the replies and advice. I don’t feel so alone now. How do I put in a support ticket?

Lordy @DSecrets you obviously haven’t wandered over to the Airbnb Help centre yet :slight_smile:

See my point 3. Airbnb guarantee ! for how to open a claim for the stolen items.

On the contrary you’ll get flak for not leaving an honest review.

At least on this forum. One may even argue that by not calling a spade a spade here you’re not warning future prospective hosts of their likely conduct - and would’ve thus defeated the purpose of the Airbnb review system.

So I’ll add to what’s already been said, leave an honest, fact-based review.

Oh, and the thing about reading up on the Airbnb help, it’s got a lot of info on it.


The Public part of the review is really for us other hosts who may encounter this guest trying to book with us. There is a Private part of the review where you could say “we really didn’t appreciate you taking all of the …” Whether you should say that is another topic.