Will guest get full refund?

I just had someone instant book (please don’t criticize me for using instant book, it’s been great thus far) that clearly stated he was booking for friends from Germany and listed their three names. I replied by saying they needed to book directly and sent a link to the TOS about this. I then called Airbnb because I’m worried about being penalized if I have to cancel. I was told if it came to that I would be fine, etc. I’ve now asked the guest to cancel and have his friends book directly, but how will he get all of his money back if we have a strict cancellation policy? Should I just cancel? Will I really not be penalized?

With instant book I believe you can click ‘not comfortable’ as a reason and there will be no penalties

I havent heard back from the guest now and it’s been over an hour. Also I realized he listed three names but he’d only booked for two adults. I have an extra person fee after 2. I also checked out his FB page and he runs a record label here (heavy metal maybe?) and he brings artists over. There’s also quite a bit of talk of partying, etc. I think I will just cancel. Hopefully I really don’t get penalized. I know a lot of you don’t care about Superhost status, but I don’t want to lose it. As a fairly new host I think it does mean something.

If you care about your superhost status, then look at removing instant book so you can vet your guests properly before they book.

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Yes I suppose, but it seems completely wrong to me that a host would be penalized when a guest clearly did not follow airbnb’s written terms from the beginning. He literally said he was booking for other people. He also booked for 2 but listed 3 people (that part I can easily charge for).

Airbnb have told you that it would be fine to cancel in this situation as it’s against their TOS. That’s that then, no need to overthink things.


You are right. I’m worrying too much because I have nothing in writing. The rep sent me an email saying to let her know if I ended up having to cancel. I will just state in the email that I cancelled and am confirming per our conversation that it’s without penalty. Thanks. I overthink everything. Major flaw of mine. The rep was just kind of wishy washy.

You’re definitely overthinking it. Why not call Airbnb again if you want something in writing?

I’ve asked Airbnb to cancel guests for exactly these reasons as a superhost and had no problems. I see no reason why you should since this type of booking is against their terms of service.

Just see for yourself - click through to cancel the booking until you get to the page where you’re asked to select a reason for cancelling. When you select ‘I’m not comfortable’ (or whatever the wording is) you’ll get a message explaining how you won’t be penalised. You won’t lose your superhost status. There it is… your peace of mind!

I personally don’t recommend that the host cancels in these circumstances. I would always ask air to do it. It’s just better to avoid cancelling yourself where possible…


I agree. Why should tht OP lose one of their ‘free’ cancels for something the guest did.

Ps- was in a similar situation last year and ABB told me to cancel and It wouldnt effect my ‘freebies’. Total lie, i had to petition ABB to get the cancel to not count towards my yearly 3.


I haven’t cancelled although now the guest is requesting I cancel. I spent more time on the phone with a pretty worthless air rep, who has now forwarded my “case” on to another team. Geesh. What a pain. Now I see why I should just turn IB off. In the meantime my calendar is blocked. Luckily it’s for some fairly undesirable dates that won’t bring in much money anyway. Going to try and wait for air to do it for me. We are leaving on our own vacation tomorrow so I’m not wanting to deal with this right now but I guess that’s part of what I signed up for. I just wish air was more supportive of hosts as IMO there’s nothing to review, his message flat out said he was booking for other people.

I have no idea why the Air rep. is saying “if it comes to that.” If this is a 3rd party booking what is the Air rep. waiting for?

I wouldn’t wait on Air to handle this. Call them back up. Ask the rep. directly if it is against their TOS to have a 3rd party book for others. When he/she replies with “yes it is” - then tell them that the previous rep. did not offer to cancel and you need the current rep. to do so. And ask for a follow up in writing that this will not affect your superhost status. And have them put in writing the reason for the cancellation.

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This isn’t something you wait for. You call back and say : I want you (air) to cancel immediately as it’s against the TOS. You need your calendar cleared so it’s open for actual guests who will be staying at your property.

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You all empowered me and I did call back. But the car says they don’t have the training ot authority to cancel but she totally “got” my dilemma and has escalated my ticket. If nothing happens soon (I will be unable to be on the phone for a couple hours) I will call again. Thanks!!!

I had this last week. Air cancelled but rang first as i have strict cancellation. It was a son booking for his parents. I told the son to ring air, explain the situation and set up an account for one of his parents. Son cancelled and no loss of fees and his parents booked themselves.

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Also reach out on Twitter or Facebook. They respond much quicker on those platforms

So sorry they are treating you like this. This is beyond ridiculous! I think Air is hoping the guests will cancel so Air can “keep” the service fee. And then earn another service fee when the guest rebooks.

They do have the ability to unblock your calendar but likely resisting for whatever reason. Do you know what the current status is on cancellations for instant book? Is it currently only 3 per host no matter the reason?

It was never “no matter the reason”… it is always “you are uncomfortable with this guest.” I don’t know what happens if you have more than 3 guests groups that make you uncomfortable.

Oops…I think meant to say “unlimited” for good reason. I think at one point that Air was trying to get more hosts to sign up and said it would be unlimited, but yes for good reason…not no matter the reason.