Will bedroom basin be used as a urinal?

We have two bedrooms in our house that we use for short stay Airbnb guests. The rooms do not have ensuites. There are two toilets but only one bathroom in the house.

One of our guests recently suggested that we consider installing a basin in the bedrooms for minor ablutions. The bedrooms are large, fully tiled (we are in the tropics) and it would be easy and relatively cheap to do this.

I mentioned it to one of our sons and his immediate response was that “blokes will piss in it” so he heard.

We were wondering if installing them on the walls higher than average male pelvic height might be a solution. Is having the basins in the rooms a good idea and is the issue my son raised something to take into account?

It will happen sometimes.

But what is the problem with that?


Well they pee in the basins in hotels…

These are called Dry Sinks (as they have no water tap or drain), and can be installed in a small cabinet which could be moved around. Above average height would be good to prevent urinating.

Problems that I see with such a sink are:

  • guests carrying water from wherever to their room or you providing a fresh pitcher of water to use
  • You or your cleaner having to empty the sink and then clean/disinfect it.

Yes they will but so what? It’s going down the drain and you or your cleaner will be cleaning it thoroughly at every turnover - piss or no piss.

I’d be reluctant to add anything to one of our rentals on the suggestion of just one customer but depending on how far away the bathroom is, it’s a pretty good idea for tooth-brushing etc.

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You mentioned that there are two toilets but only one bathroom. How about if you switch out the existing toilet bowl and install a Japanese Toilet Basin combo.


Yes they will get pee’d in. Don’t ask me how I know.



My opinion? Just one more thing to have to keep clean. Unless you are receiving multiple comments suggesting this, I would not bother putting one in.

Having the sink and toilet integrated has always seemed to weird because I brush my teeth and wash my face in that sink. So I wouldn’t do it for an airbnb room in the US unless I was doing some sort of eco-rental. (I know JohnnyAir is in Australia.)


And I’d say the answer is yes. Best I can tell men think it’s appropriate to pee anywhere they please. Check the plants under the window of your Airbnb rooms if the windows open. :wink:


Wow this topic dredged up a memory from my past.
Many decades ago I was backpacking overseas with a friend. We were staying at a Bed and Breakfast sharing the same room and the room had a wall mounted sink. After visiting the pub she had to go so bad she sat on the sink to pee.
Pulled the sink away from the wall !! Yikes.


Oh yeah, I forgot to say, that is going to happen.

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I ran across this in a hostel in San Francisco, but they had a sink in the room, which likely got peed in so I don’t know what the answer is.


I know it looks like one would be using toilet water to brush teeth but the water goes from the pipe in the wall to the faucet and then the sink water fills the tank. So when flushing, it’s using the dirty water that was first used to brush teeth and wash face.

Back in the day (1970) I was driving camping tours around Europe for Contiki. During the pre-departure briefing passengers were informed that toilet practices were different in Europe and sometimes it was necessary to squat.

First night in Europe, in France, one of the girls was discussing how awkward it was to keep her feet dry while having a pee. We hadn’t arrived at the squat-type toilets yet. Turns out she’d chosen the wrong room and had climbed into a laundry sink.


That makes SO much sense but I fear that many western guests won’t be able to get past the association between the toilet bowl and the basin.


Not only that, but I bet it’s actually against code in some municipalities. The distance between the sink and the toilet is sometimes dictated by code regulations, especially in restaurants and such.


Perhaps the request is not what was asked for. Were they clear about WHY they needed another sink?

Did they use the term ablution? That is an odd term, and is often related to religious functions.

Before taking any action, I would get some clarity.

Or, perhaps it’s “please provide another sink” - preferably outside a toilet for someone to wash up, brush teeth, etc.

I would never put a sink in a BR, except an all-in-one studio.

Men undoubtedly pee in the sink(s) you already have.

No they didn’t use it. I did. Yes it is the wrong word to use in this instance because they would not be washing themselves in the basins in the bedrooms. By the way, here in Australia we still call the public toilets and showers in public areas and camping grounds the “Ablutions Block”.

They were talking about cleaning their teeth, washing their hands and filling their kettle and drink bottles. The layout of the house requires guests to walk through the lounge room from their bedrooms to get to the bathroom and kitchen so there is that too.

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