Will a full/double duvet fit on a queen?

I’m upgrading from a full/double to a queen. I want to minimize the amount of new bedding I’ll need to purchase. Will the top sheet and duvet from a full/double fit on a queen bed? I did buy new fitted sheets.

I did Google this but wanted your expert opinions since we change a lot of sheets!

In the states (USA) the quilts and comforters sold are for full/queen. However, that is not the case for the fitted sheets since a full size mattress is a bit smaller than a queen mattress. I would think that your top sheet and duvet should fit your new queen bed. It might be a tiny bit short but that’s okay if it sits on top of the bed ruffle.

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My full flat sheet barely covers my full bed. I find the full duvet cover to not be as big as I like. I think you will need queen size or even king duvet cover.

How thick is the mattress? To have enough quilt to cover the sides of the queen mattress, I use a King comforter. A double duvet would cover the top but not the sides. If two people sleep in the bed chances are one would not be fully covered.

You will have the same coverage issue with a double top sheet too.

I’m like Annet3176 on this. I like plenty of length on the sides. But if a bed were next to the wall or a platform bed with sheets and top layers tucked in you could go shorter.

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I use a King blanket and/or duvet, too. I live with a blanket hog, and I figure I can’t be the only one, so better safe than sorry for the guests, too.

I believe a queen in the States is the same as a UK king - 5’ wide. (A standard double would be 4’6") I would say the old bedding would be fine if you had a single guest but might be less comfortable for a couple.

That is what I recalled about queen/full quilts being the same size. Though I did buy new fitted sheets since I know those were not interchangeable.

Thank you everyone!

Now to find a method to keep the double and queen sheets sorted–I have a sofa-bed that is a double. It was nice when both the beds could use the same size sheets.

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Take a needle and thread and stitch a simple marker of some kind on the bottom edge. Something you can easily spot but the guest won’t see.


My hubby’s ex-wife used to do that with his socks so he would be able to match the pairs. Just use different colors of thread and make a little X. Or easier yet, just mark ONE of them with the “X” and don’t mark the other at all…

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LIke others, I use king quilts on the queen bed to drape down the sides (and hide the wrinkly sheets – I do not iron!). Also I wash in hot water and dry hot so I expect some shrinkage.

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Much easier just to use a permanent laundry pen. I have a B for the bottom of my duvet lol.

seems to fit on a queen ok


I too have different sizes. What helps me to sort them is placing them in bags. After washing the sheets and folding them, I place them in large plastic zip lock bags and label them.

Similar to what another poster suggested, I used sharpie permanent marker, wrote Q, F or T (Queen, full, Twin) on the laundry tag sewn onto the sheet. After laundering I place the sheets inside one of the matching pillowcases so it is a grab & go when it is time to change the sheets.


The new bed arrived and I set it up. It looks great with my double top sheet and double/queen duvet. Now I just need to get a professional photographer in since it doesn’t look as great in my photos. 100+ guests in, and I finally feel like I’m DONE setting up my apartment!