WIFI shut down due to guest’s illegal activity

I had a guest who uploaded or downloaded illegal (copyrighted) material using my WIFI, and my ISP shut down my service! Fortunately, they reinstated it (with a warning not to do it again) once I spoke to them. BUT, how do I keep others from doing this?? And what if I lose my internet service (we have very few options)? Or worse - what if am held responsible?? Has anyone else faced this issue? Or does anyone have thoughts as to how to avoid it?? Thanks so much!

I’d definitely add it to the House Rules to begin with. Might be a drag to follow on though. These days everyone downloading illegal material off the internet. Perhaps you can mention that doing so would stop the WiFi?

You need a technical solution, there are Router providers out there which have built in controls.

well actually no, those ‘built in controls’ are ineffective at best and easily defeated. More like false marketing.

If your ISP is attempting to shut down your service because of alleged copyright infringement, it’s worth requesting they put that allegation in writing, responding with the name(s) of the offending guest and a request for the ISP to acknowledge their failure to identify the person committing the offense.

Include in your correspondence a note you will refer the case to the telecoms ombudsman.

in the interim, ring around and look for another ISP. Any ISP wasting your time with these allegations does not deserve your business.

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