Wi- Fi needs of AirBnB Hosts

My name is Jesse Bookspan Founder of GuestNet.

Without changing current internet service provider, we help cafes and coffee shops:
-Make money every time a customer (or Wi-Fi thief!) connects to your network.
-Keep Wi-Fi free for customers with no additional monthly fee to you.
-Receive additional monthly checks from us.
-Cover about half of their Wi-Fi bill through our free sponsored Wi-Fi service.

I believe the benefits of our sponsored Wi-Fi service would translate well to Air BnB hosts. With GuestNet you can provide guests with free Wi-Fi AND make money each time they connect to your Wi-Fi.

Is this of interest to AirBnB hosts?

Would love to hear feedback from hosts. Check us out here www.guestnetmedia.com

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What is your rate per login? Is it based on individual logins or unique MAC addresses? Is it designed in such a way that owner devices don’t get pulled in to the capture sites?

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Payments to are determined based on the total number of monthly logons not monthly users. Checks are distributed at the end of each month. Average check value is $30-$40 but can be $100+.

Hosts can bypass the advertisements. We send a router which broadcasts an additional Wi-Fi network, one that guests will use. This network requires guests to watch a short ad in exchange for free connectivity. You simply change the SSID + password of your current network and use it privately.

Is there a period of time where they are able to connect where they aren’t forced to watch an ad, or is this something that happens each time a connction is established?

For example, some hotel providers allow you to reconnect for 24 hours without being directed to the host start page. Others require you to go through the whole login process again each time the phone wakes from standby.

Yes, you can customize how long you would like each session to be. 1 video could buy 1 hour of free Wi-Fi or 1 day.

Are the ads related to local travel or something more general?

Both. First priority is to serve local ads. If there are more ads than local advertisers they will be sold to larger/ national brands.