Why red headings?

can anyone answer this question…when I search on airbnb I see some adverts have a part in red - some adverts don’t …but its not the title its things like: ENTIRE FLAT - 2 BEDS…ENTIRE LOFT - 3 BEDS…why does airbnb highlight this in red - but only for some hosts…do people pay for this? tks for any answers…

@Stpetersburg I am not sure I have seen what you describe, but it is not uncommon for Airbnb to roll out user interface changes regionally or randomly. Also, when discussing a UI issue it is helpful to tell us if you’re referring to the mobile app or website and which web browser.

thanks its from the website. will try to upload an image…

I see this too, but not just in red. The color seems to change from ad to ad, and it doesn’t seem to stay consistent. Like, sometimes mine is red and sometimes it is green or blue. I haven’t the slightest idea what it means, if anything.

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Someone else asked about this recently and they didn’t get an answer either.
@CatskillsGrrl here’s an example but Ashb24 is right, some appear to other colors as well


Yeah, I don’t see the pattern. Links I have visited? Entire House vs. Share? New? I don’t understand.

The color on my ad changes almost every time I look at it. I really think it must be random.

OMG! I have noticed this too. Mine is almost always listed in red font. I don’t like it. Almost seems to imply…HEADS UP! WARNING! Something off about this one. I should reach out to those folks at Air and request an explanation.

so we rang Russia airbnb (but they are new) they claim its for ‘business places’ where the keys are available 24/7 (like in a key lock attached to the door)…does this make sense…seems a bit strange to me…

Seems strange to me too since I don’t advertise that I have a lock-box. I also don’t have 24-hour check in. I am very clear in my house rules that check in is only allowed during a certain time window (so I have a recourse for guests who show up in the middle of the night).


hmm mystery carries on…

Maybe demand? CAlendar availability for each listing?