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Why is the responded to status not affected even though I have replied to enquiry!


Enquiries have gone over the 24 hour period to be responded to and “expired”.

Despite the fact, I am in full flow conversation with a guest. And sometimes, they are taking some time to respond too, which means conversation about the stay goes in to the next days…

It is very annoying! It then clearly affects, my visual status on the website and possibly affect superheats status.

That is not really fair Airbnb!

(n.b. this is more a gripe and statement rather than a question)


Anyone else find this?


Is this a reservation request or an inquiry? I know with a reservation request the only “response” that counts is to decline or accept the request. When you click the discuss more option, it does not count as a response.

I am not sure how it works with just an inquiry. I know Airbnb will send me an email asking me to help the guest move on to another property after I have responded. I am not sure what that is all about but I supposed it may affect my score if I am supposed to be declining and accepting an inquiry also.

I would call and ask if you are concerned about it affecting your placement.


Thanks Cabinhost.

I emailed Airrbnb and they said I have nothing to worry about. We have near perfect scores so far and they can’t see any problem…

I am still a bit cynical, but only time will tell as Superhost review is coming up and with our scores, we should get it, but if we dont, I will go back to Air and discuss.

Thank you for your time.

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