Why is my Airbnb personal profile showing up on Google!

I’ve used Airbnb many times as a host and defended it many times over in public and in townhall meetings. But this really rubbed me the wrong way.

I almost got evicted, because my landlord found out about my hosting simply by googling my name! I got a lot of heat from this and was subject to humiliation. Having this feature on and hidden in people’s accounts is SHAMEFUL on the part of AIrbnb without people’s knowledge and consent. I am also employed and now wondering if my termination at my last job had something to do with my boss googling my name to see my airbnb listing. This certainly isn’t good for any company’s image!

click your profile picture -> privacy -> unclick Your Listings and Profile in Search Engines

I don’t have my last name on there and in most rental agreements your not meant to sublet! it normally says quite clearly you will be removed straight away.

Thanks, Kristy_Jane!

Ummmmm - I am not sure that I understand. You are illegally sub renting your rental? And air is based upon openness? And you want to know how to hide? Really?


I dont support that. Sorry. Terrible deceptiveness. Nope.

Well you are in violation of your lease obviously. Sorry, no sympathy here because you got outed by Google. You are lucky your landlord gave you a second chance and didn’t throw you out. If I were your landlord and discovered you, a renter, were secretly doing this on my property, exposing me to liability and creating additional wear and tear on my premises in direct violation of your lease agreement, I would have tossed you in a New York second in favor of a tenant I could trust.


This isn’t a new program. It’s a policy. And by the way, This is an IRS threshold, not an Airbnb one. Air always sent out 1099k before but realized this year they don’t have to, so just are not sending 1099k out to anyone who meets that criteria. They are not protecting your tax status. Don’t be silly. You still have to report your income and I suggest you do.

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