Why does "Send Special Offer" does not appear in all?

Hi All,

I have two questions.

  1. I have a room where a group of 6 can comfortably fit in. But the rate i have given is USD 85 but this is the rate for 2. For any additional guests i charge USD 20 each. Is there a way to set this in Airbnb ? because now even for bookings with 5 adults, i get with USD 85 and when i tell them that you have to pay USD 60 extra, i more or less lose the booking.

  2. May be I’m unaware, i don’t see “Send Special Offer” button for all bookings. For example in the previous example, when the guest send a booking for 5 adults at USD 85. I’d like to send a special offer (also probably with a discount) saying for 5 our usual rate is $145 but i’d give it for you USD 125. But i don’t see this option in number of bookings. Why is that the case ?

Your help will be much appreciated.

Best Regards,


  1. Change the price after 2 guests. It’s in the additional charges part of the listing, the same place you set your deposit.

  2. The send special offer button is always at the bottom of message communication with a guest before they book.