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Why do you host? A survey for Airbnb Hosts


Hi, I’m a software engineer working on a new project with some friends. We’ve stayed with Airbnb hosts but never actually hosted, so we have some questions.

I’ve put together a (very) short survey at www.everbooked.co/survey If you have a few minutes to help us out, we’d really appreciate it. Thanks :slight_smile:


Amy, welcome to Airhostsforum! Just a quick question - what project are you guys working on and what will the info be used for?


Thanks for the welcome, Cyn :smile:

We’re working on a system that will provide dynamic pricing for Airbnb listings so that hosts can make more money, either by charging more during periods of higher demand or by lowering prices when things get slow. We’re just not sure if that’s something that Airbnb hosts really care about that much or would find useful.

We’ll use the info to help us determine whether this project is worth finishing. I’m a math nerd, so I’m pretty excited about it but if nobody would use it, that’s somewhat less exciting.

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