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Why do listings show higher price on search results than actual charge?


Has anyone noticed this? When you search dates in a location, some listings show up with the right nightly charge, but many display as higher. For example I look at one listing here in Victoria which shows up in the search results as $72CAD/night, but when you look at the listing he actually charges $65 (plus $20 cleaning fee, plus in this example $43 service fee for 5 nights = $397/5= $79 per night)
Does anyone know why this happens?


I’ve noticed it too - and also sometimes on my own listing. I think it’s because you set a nightly price and that’s the one that shows on your listing when it first comes up. However, a host can set different prices for different seasons/weekends etc. So when you put in certain dates, it adjusts to the price for those dates.

I have my nightly price set to the lowest nightly rate I charge but at certain times it will be more expensive. The listing you’re talking about has obviously lowered his price for a certain period but not adjusted the ‘nightly rate’ overall.


Yes, I have noticed that, also. I have my nightly price set at $43, but when I am not logged in and view my home the nightly price is $36. When you click on the button to learn more, it ways $43. I’m sure that is very vexing to possible guests.


That’s logical and what I would have expected, but it’s not what’s happening. When I’m searching between specific dates, and go to his listing for those dates, the rates displayed for those dates are different between the search results and the listing. My example’s normal rate ($65) is not the one that displays in the search results ($72).

When I look at my own listing, I find the same thing happens: the rate that comes up in the search results is not one that I’ve ever posted, and is higher than my rate.

It doesn’t seem to happen for every listing, either, which makes it worse since guests are not able to see the correct rate for everyone to make a fair comparison.


This is because it averages the additional fees (cleaning, extra guests) against each day to show the total rental cost per day.

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