Why do guests request for one and then say there'll be two?

This has happened to me several times. I get a request or an inquiry for one guest and then in a very nice message they say they’ll be another person coming with them? This one today was not a new member of Airbnb and has stayed at at least 6 places before. She also wanted a business friendly Airbnb which we are not. Has this happened to anyone else? I decided to decline as we are not a good fit for the guest’s needs and Airbnb gives me that lame message to make sure my listing is accurate! Big sigh!

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Yes it has happened to me. Several people have instant booked for one. I can only guess that it’s because 1 is the default number of people and they just hit book or inquire and don’t change it. Maybe it’s worse if they are on the app instead of computer. I just send them a change request with the second person fee and tell them they need to accept before check in. 99% of the time they do. In one or two cases I didn’t get the payment until after they left and I had to escalate it with Airbnb…or maybe I’m thinking of pet fees. In any case, I always get my money and no one has tried to sneak anyone in.


I think people just forget and the default is 1. I know I’ve done it a time or two myself…

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