Why did Airbnb give me $40?

Under transaction history it says miscellaneous credit. They’ve paid me correctly for all my guests. This ever happen to anyone else?

A new host bonus, perhaps?

Nope. Lucky you. Buy yourself a gift.

Did they by any chance refund a complaining guest and then reverse it?

Did you have an international guest? It may have to do with adjusting for the exchange rate.

How is it labeled? If you look at your transaction history, payouts will be labeled, usually with a guest’s name and dates of stay.

Look for something about this:

What did Airbnb say when you asked them @Cyndyrr327

No international guests that I know of. I wasn’t notified of any complaint. Haha u are funny - what did Airbnb say. They are so hard to get a hold of I don’t bother


I sure wouldn’t ask Airbnb. If it was in error, that would just alert them to claw it back.
If a store clerk hands me too much change, I will tell them, as if their til doesn’t balance at the end of their shift, they will be held accountable and can likely not afford it. My morality is a bit different when it comes to billion dollar companies that hand out refunds to guests for bogus issues. :wink:


Did you give a referral code to anyone to join Airbnb? If you did and they book an airbnb you get your bonus after they complete their stay.

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New hosts receive a $40 bonus after their first booking completes.

New hosts who are referred by an existing host. There was also a bonus if a host referred someone to be a guest which is what I was referring to.

I wonder if @Cyndyrr327 will ever tell us if it was either of these things or something else.

Oh maybe that was it!! I tried to sign up under a friend who was already a host but I didn’t think it worked. I guess it did!

Ask your friend if she got the hundreds of dollars bonus and then you’ll know for sure.