Why can't I share my phone number with a host when he ask me to cohost his place?

I was surprised to find that the same filters Airbnb has for messaging between guests & hosts are alson in place for messages between hosts & cohosts,

When someone asks me for my cohosting services, I would like to contact him in person, see his place and if everything goes well, I will accept to be his cohost. I don’t understand why Aribnb blocks any attemps to share a phone number. Did you experience this type of problem? If so, can you advice me on how to bypass it?


Give Airbnb a call and see what they advise?

It really is annoying when they do that. Same with web links. You can try to post your number by spelling out part of it. That should get it through. For example, you instead of 524-8896, try 5 two 4-889 six.

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I’m not surprised. It’s ONE message system. Not one for host to guest and another for host to host.
Too much hassle, expense and trouble to create and maintain two separate systems!.

Why not arrange to “meet me Friday at 3 PM at the Starbucks on the corner of Telephone and Telephone and we’ll go from there…” Then trade phone numbers and addresses.

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Airbnb likely uses the exact same system as it does for host communicating with guests. You just have to learn to code everything so for a phone number I’ll give you an example of 213 area code 713-2171. You would put it into an English sentence that doesn’t have to make sense for example there are 213 examples with 713 different varieties which are from the 2171 source. This does work and I’ve communicated in this fashion when needed.