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Whole apt/House - Kitchen?

Must a whole house/apartment listing have a kitchen? Thoughts?

I have seen some whole houses/apartments that don’t have kitchens. I know that a lot of people don’t really like to cook, so you’d probably get guests. I would make sure that potential guests fully understood, especially if they are staying longer than a few days. By the way, I know how futile it is to try to make sure that guests understand anything about your listing.

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I don’t know if a listing has to but in terms of building code, surely it must. If I used the whole house filter I would expects at least a kitchenettee (sink, fridge, microwave minimum).

I ask because the only way to list your property as having more than one bedroom is to mark it as a whole house/apt. offering.

Oh man, I have that problem - not because of the kitchen, but because there’s no door separating their space from mine. But still, it’s a little apartment with two bedrooms. I’ve mentioned this to airbnb and the rep said "oh, that’s a great point, I’ll move that up the line and see if that can be fixed. So my listing says ‘two bedrooms’ in lots of places but of course it’s confusing to guests.

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We rent a separate apartment which has a full kitchen (but no dishwasher). The kitchen is tiny. It is SO rare that guests use more than the microwave. They appreciate (and fill) the refrigerator though. We have loads of delivery places, restaurants and cafes nearby.

We just spent three days in a rental (not Airbnb) and although the kitchen was nice, it had no dishwasher and only a hotplate and microwave. I was disappointed that it didn’t have a real oven. But as long as the listing is upfront about the facilities (this one wasn’t - it said ‘full kitchen’) then everything should be OK.

I don’t think it needs to have a kitchen to be a whole apartment, many long term rentals here in SF don’t have kitchens. I would provide a kettle, micro, and sink if possible.

Edited: and mini fridge!!

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It’s a mystery. We have now finished 4 bedrooms, a gym, living, game, bathroom, laundry, etc. So, no shoe fits.

There is a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, sink, etc. None of these items are even listed, so it should be a surprise bonus.

Until this month, no one ever mentioned a kitchen, but suddenly it’s an issue?

Yes - an apt must have a real or a mini kitchen or a sembulance of a kitchen. Otherwise it is a " hotel room".

By what manner, then, would you list such a space?

I am not clear what you have. Is this a separate space with a separate entrance? Is it self contained? Are they sharing space with you?

Our “whole house” is a detached cabana behind the main house. We do not have a full kitchen. We have a half size fridge, built-in sink, and microwave. We offer gourmet full breakfasts. The guests are on their own for lunch and dinner, although I will cook for them, for cash extra, if requested (I’m Personal Chef). There are over 100 restaurants within a 3 miles radius of the listing. We’ve only had one person whinge about the lack of a full kitchen, but when I showed her the listing where it said “kitchenette”, she backed off (and ended up giving us a 5 Star).

Fully separated. 9 total rooms.

For clarity, you have avail a 4 BR / 1 bth free standing self contained space, that lacks a kitchen? you dont live there. You are not renting the rooms individually. You allow a group of 8 - 10 to book this unit, Is all that correct?
How large is this 4br?

2200sf. We have had as many as 14 stay. I would never rent the rooms individually for privacy reasons.

Then I personally think you are ok listing it as an apartment, but be really clear about the lack of kitchen.

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