Whoa! Stats now shows what every guest left as an overall rating!

Am I just in a beta test group or something?


Now I get to confirm that the guests I went above and beyond for were absolutely the least appreciative. NO MORE.


Yup… I lived and learned that one early on!


This is awesome ! Now I want to go back and confirm if the ones I broke my back for really were the ones that left sh***y reviews.

Seconds thoughts: probably won’t look it will probably depress me .


So unfair that we also don’t get to see the stars we left by the guest name.

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Interesting. I’ve just checked and have to laugh. I’ve had around 20 French guests over the past few months, all of the reviews were fine and only one left some minor negative feedback (mostly about things that aren’t included in the listing, sigh). But every single one of them has given me 4 stars. Every. Single. One. I guess the day I get 5 stars from a French guest will be party time!


@Magwitch interesting. I always felt my inexplicable descent from superhost for a year to loads of 4 star reviews and loss of superhost was because of a sudden proliferation of French guests at my listing. I had several superb reviews written in French and suddenly was I overwhelmed.

My overall rating is currently 69% for the year (74% overall) so I doubt I’ll see superhost again before I hang up my London hosting shoes …

On the French community center all hosts complain about the low ratings left by French guests. I am lucky, for a mysterious reason French almost never book my listing :slight_smile:

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I just did a review yesterday for a guest who submitted a review the very day of departure. (Turned out to be 5-stars.) For me it is always stressful having to conjure up a review of someone I have not met. This time I decided to do it differently.

I wrote a couple of pleasant but neutral comments because they were okay, just not quite as neat as most, and I skipped all the remaining prompts for the private feedback, star ratings, thumbs up/down, etc. I’m tired of jumping through hoops and figured I said what I had to say and was done with it.

I feel lighter than air and it’s going to be my M.O. from now on.


I’m being a little harder on my guests lately. I used to hand out five stars but now, if they leave trash in the room or don’t follow the rules, no five stars anymore.


I’m loving the new updates here. You are given similar listings to yours, you can see the stars, it’s a lot more clear and a lot more info!

I don’t see the stars on my reviews. I have looked under Account --> Reviews, and by Previewing my listing. Where else is there?


I have found it in the Stats tab, which has been redesigned.

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@smartbnb.io Thank you for the tip, but my stats page remains morosely unchanged. :frowning:

Spoiler alert: the same endpoint now also makes it available for the guests to see the star rating given by hosts.

Funny thing: it looks like old reviews given by hosts don’t even contain any record of the rating given to guests. This would be hilarious. If this is correct (meaning: if that is not a glitch, which at the current time would be unlikely), that means Airbnb didn’t care about the reviews given by hosts to guests and just left it for a feel-good / vent off vibe.

That, or a lot of people that were guests on Airbnb before 2015 (maybe?) were douchebags with 0 stars (which is not even possible, the lowest grade is one star).

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Well, if the guests’ stars aren’t part of this release, it has lost its value. I mean, it might be nice to know what a potential guests gives as stars, but just as important is what stars they have received. Finding AirBNB’s direction strangely unsettling. But the whole world is unsettling these days…

Darn mine is not broken down by guest with their picture like that. You can only look at each category: Overall, Cleanliness, Accuracy, Value, Communication, Arrival & Location
and see how many are 5*,4*, etc.

I got all 5* and 4* ratings, but I find the breakdown odd.
Overall 19 (5*) 4 (4*)
Cleanliness 23 (5*)
Accuracy 22 (5*) 1 (4*)
Value 21 (5*) 2 (4*)
Communication 23 (5*)
Arrival 23 (5*)
Location 22 (5*) 1 (4*)

How do you rate someone 5* in every category and then give a 4* overall!? ugh. I suppose all 4 of the 4 stars could have been left by different guests, who then decided to rate 4* overall.


I’ve had a few of those now. All 5 star by category or maybe one 4, and then a 4 star overall. SMH

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This reminds me of this awful review, the only 1-star.

The first sentence indeed reads “first class host”. They hated the place so much they came back a week later. There I explained what they did without knowing. They asked Airbnb repeatedly to change to the 5 stars they intended. What they couldn’t give in stars, they gave in tips though :slight_smile: Wish all bad reviews would be the same…

Was about to say! That review says only nice things… first class host, very welcoming, attention to detail, accurate … I could go on!

Since they couldn’t update it why not remove it for inaccuracy ?

Because the comment was perfectly accurate: I am a first class host and we had a great time :smiley:
Unfortunately, even if the comment was removed, the grades stay. It didn’t have any effect on the business at the time though.