Whoa! Press & Forum reaction to Air's "host donation" emails is toxic

This is the beginning of a Google search result. There are many more pages.

I only checked a couple of these, mostly because I wanted to see reader reaction, which is almost entirely negative. Posters are blaming hosts, not Air for that stupid email.

Chesky and Co. owe all of us an email apology to guests saying WE did not ask them to send the email, they did so without consulting us, and they are sorry they did.


Just when you think they can’t get worse… they do. Nutso

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Hosts were extremely vocal on the CC about this, most saying they found it cringeworthy, that it was going to backfire and piss off guests, and we begged them to scrap it or at least give hosts the ability to opt out of all of it, the contributions and the cards.
Of course Airbnb totally ignored all that. Their blind arrogance is unreal. They just can’t accept the fact that hosts understand much more about the host/guest relationship than they do.
Now exactly what we predicted would happen has happened. Way to go Airbnb.


FYI I also tweeted this to Chesky’s public Twitter handle. Every host should do the same and maybe he’ll get the message.

@bchesky Thanks a lot, Brian, for pissing off our guests! MOST HOSTS DID NOT WANT THIS. Why didn’t you ask us first?