Who sends their laundry out?

@jjd This is life changing info for me :joy::joy:. I have one in the guest bathroom, it’s been used a couple of times I guess. But the fact that I will never have to drag my iron out for wrinkled clothes and that mucked up edge of the top sheet again, well I’m just gobsmacked.

I found a nice little elecric handheld wrinkle steamer at a garage sale for $5, but I soon found out that the heater was erratic and put it in the free box at my next sale. When it worked, it was great, and only took about 30 seconds to start steaming.

I’d buy another one if I found one.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I provide one for guests to use but I don’t think it’s ever been used. I could sure use it on the top edge of the top sheets on occasion though!

Pillowcases are the only thing I iron and it’s literally the last thing I do when preparing the house for guests. If I’m short on time, they don’t get ironed. But I really like having the pillowcases look smooth and crisp for the guests. The room looks so much more inviting I think.

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I find that if they aren’t dried to a crisp then putting them on the pillows smooths most the wrinkles because they fit fairly tightly. On the edge where they are loose, the touch up could be done.

So following up on my decision, I found a place near work that will launder bedding for $15 a load… and a load can pretty much be as many sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases as I can stuff into a pillowcase. The turnaround is about 4 hours.

I tried them out, and the sheets and duvet covers are folded well enough to pass to the house cleaner. The pillowcases I’ll still want to touch up, but mostly just around the edges.

And I can put in my own bedding for no extra fee. I’m very happy!


I agree. I’m in my 70’s and have been doing all the laundry for the past 4 years. Next week, going to take it to a laundromat. They wash and fold for $1.75 a lb. $20 min. I have heavy towels so I will probably do most of those myself.

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My place is an apartment with a washer and drier in the bathroom. I usually wash all the linen in the apartment and then take the clothes to the local laundromat to dry since there is not good ventilation in the bathroom. I stick the linen in a large drier and then walk to a BK which is about 50m from the laudromat, grab a cup of coffee and snack and catch up on my TV viewing courtesy of their free WiFi :slight_smile:
At home either my wife or myself iron all the sheets/cases . I actually find this quite therapeutic as I will again catch up on my TV viewing at the same.