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Who left the 1 star rating?


Hi everyone.
Just signed up for the forum, 6 month host with some solid reviews and ratings… until I had a guest up and leave after the first night, she hasn’t contacted me to say what was wrong and wont respond to my gentle enquiries. Now Ive got a 1 star rating and was wondering if theres a way to confirm which guest left the rating.

Not that it really matters, just to confirm to myself that it was just the one, obviously unhappy guest.



Without any communication this question remains mistery. If you have her number, you can try call her.


If you goto dash board immediately after guest left, you will see what he rated you. Especially if all reviews were not 1* star and this one is. But that’s if you do it immediately after review is posted.,


I can’t recall how but I came across a way a few months ago. I believe Billy Bob even mentioned how to find it recently.

But there is a section that isn’t obvious to find - it will say “your last 6 guests left 5 star reviews for cleanliness” - “your last 7 guests left 5 star reviews for accuracy” - your last 4 guests left 5 star review for location" and so on.

So you can list your guests in order of who stayed from most recent guest. Then you can find out at least who did not leave a five star review.

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