Who else is not getting payment from ABB?

Thanks for coming back to update us.

Lucky you.
Since december 6 2022 till today airbnb doesn’t pay me for my 7 different guest.
Already $1300 that they own me.
What i make now with my future guest?
The last 7 different guest is for free in my place.
Airbnb have no Respect to the host they make what they like.
Airbnb support is very useless.

All the expences that i have spend to the guest how can i bring it back when Airbnb dont want to pay me?

Please give me a number from airbnb that i can call them

Thank you🙏

Log in to your account and go here:

Also, have you set up your payout method?

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I’ve been hosting since 2011 and have never experienced this.

Somehow I am getting the feeling that your org, and you, are trolling for business…

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For my case it is more than 3 month and more than 3.000$ payment retain by airbnb.
Several tickets opened ni feedback from support

One strategy I have read that has worked for some hosts who’d been waiting for payments dating back months, getting nothing but a run around, was getting in touch with the past guests whose bookings you haven’t been paid for, explaining that Airbnb has never paid you out for their booking, and asking them if they would be so kind as to contact Airbnb, asking what happened to the $ they had paid to Airbnb for their booking that was completed months ago, as the host says she never got paid.

Apparently Airbnb is much more responsive to guests asking what happened to their money, than it is to hosts whose money they are sitting on.

Of course, you should first make sure your payout info is all correct, that you’ve filled out whatever tax info is required, etc. as some payment issues can be attributed to hosts failing to update or enter required info.


Thats a good idea. I might just pass that on to people this week I have seen 2 host owed over $100k

Check this out too and see what it says for you:

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