AirBnB not paying Host November 2022

Dear Air Hosts

Would anyone be able to help me get AirBnB to pay me?

I have tried the AirBnB support staff and AirBnB Help on Twitter - both seemingly dysfunctional - with no idea how to fix a simple payment default.

The deal as I understand it is - I provide my luxury harbour side home for AirBnB accommodation guests - mostly large groups - and AirBnB pay me for this.

For 3 years both parties honoured their obligations.

But now in November 2022 AirBnB has not paid me for 3 large groups and seems to have no idea how to fix this problem.

I have not changed my bank account details - same bank details as all the payments I received for 2022.

Is there an AirBnB host’s Ombudsman that can bring some basic common sense to bear and help solve this problem?

If not maybe there should be?

HERE is the HISTORY: >>>>>

Please help me - I am a host and AirBnB are not paying me - the support staff are useless and have no idea what to do - one sent my request for help to their Engineers!

I have had 3 groups in November and not one has been paid. I got normal payments in October and for 3 years previously so I have no idea why this is happening now?

Can you help me get paid please - I have about 30 forward bookings but can’t continue if you won’t pay me.

Can I send you my email address or a link to my AirBnB advertisement so you can intervene please?….


Thank you for reaching out to us, Az.Please send us the email address linked to your Airbnb account, so we can take a look.

AirBnB Help.

My email:



YES - No payout email was sent - plus no payout transaction is recorded by AIRBNB In the “TRANSACTIONS HISTORY” - please send these payments today?

CANT YOU JUST ASK AIRBNB ACCOUNTS to send the two missing payments please?



“Hi Ax

I understand you’ve been having some trouble with your payouts for two reservations HM9….” and “HM2…”

Thanks for alerting us to the issue. We’ve passed the details on to our engineers, who will verify the issue’s source and take appropriate action. Please allow us another 24 hours to work on this case and will update you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience.



I would be most grateful if you could help as I have had to take a loan to continue to accommodate my AirBnB guests - my 3rd November guest group arrived yesterday with 9 guests - so it’s 3 November payments I’m now awaiting.



I’m heavily booked over December January and February - all AirBnB guests - mostly big groups - but I can’t continue if I’m not paid. AirBnB has always paid promptly for 3 years and then this November nothing is paid?

Obviously AirBnB is not broke and can afford to pay me:

“In Q3 2022, we had nearly 100 million Nights and Experiences Booked, up 25 percent year-over-year, and $15.6 billion in Gross Booking Value, up 31 percent year-over-year.”

“We also had our most profitable quarter with net income of $1.2 billion, up 46 percent year-over-year, representing a 42 percent net income margin.”

It’s 3 days since I complained but no one seems to be able to help or resolve my complaint.

The support team are useless and do nothing but issue bland reassurances that mean nothing.

Why would you send an accounts problem to the “engineers”?

You like all the other AirBnB staff just pass the Buck and nothing gets done.

It was supposedly ‘escalated’ on Tuesday but still no one has contacted me since or resolved my complaint.


Upon review, we can see that you have a support request regarding this matter. We have updated the team regarding your concerns, and we have urged them to follow up with you as soon as possible. Please allow them the chance to investigate and see what they can do for you. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

AirBnB Help

We hear you, and can certainly understand how worrisome this situation can be. We seek your understanding that any account specific details cannot be discussed through any social media channel for privacy and security purposes. At this time, your support request is already in the hands of the dedicated team to address the issue. They will be in the best position to provide you assistance for they are trained to handle this kind of situation. They will reach out to you directly as soon as there is an update.

AirBnB Help

There is no team - there is one person called “I…” - who says he sent my account payment problem to the “engineers” to resolve - then he says he “escalated” it - but no one has contacted me - no “engineer” or “escalation” official or supervisor - it’s clear to me the issue is still with “I…”who in fact has no idea how to resolve this problem.


You just repeat the same bland, meaningless, reassurances that ‘I…” issues - in the meantime I’m struggling to find money to pay for electricity and water for 9 guests after receiving no payment for the two preceding large groups of AirBnB guests - I have the most heavily booked AirBnB home for large groups in my city and this is how you treat me!


I repeat again - it’s a very simple issue - I’m providing expensive accommodation for large groups of AirBnB guests - but you are not paying me - nothing is being done about my complaint - no one except ‘I…’ is contacting me and he just repeats the same meaningless reassurances that you repeat.

What is your name please because I wish to complain about the total absence of any “help” from ‘AirBnB Help’?


Why is this simple payment default so difficult to fix!


1: CHECK the AIRBNB EMAILS - were payment emails sent to the host for guests “HM9……,and HM2……”

2: CHECK the AIRBNB “TRANSACTION HISTORY” - You will see no payment has been sent for guests “HM9” and “HM2”.

3: INFORM the ACCOUNTS SECTION of this problem and request payment to the same bank account AIRBNB paid for my OCTOBER AIRBNB guests.

4: REPORT progress back to me by confirming that AirBnB have now honoured their part of our contract and sent me my 3 overdue November payments.


We definitely want to work through this with you. We can confirm that your support request has already been forwarded to the team trained to handle this kind of situation. Please allow them the chance to investigate and see what they can do for you. They will follow up with you directly as soon as there is an update. Thank you.

AirBnB Help

There is no “team”!

‘I…” is the only AirBnB employee who has contacted me and he has no idea how to fix a host payment default.

No AirBnB ‘engineer’ has contacted me - no ‘escalation’ supervisor has contacted me - and now no ‘AirBnB Help’ will help me!

It’s a 1 minute exercise to check if I’ve been paid or not - just check the AirBnB “Transactions History” - so why is this still unresolved now after 3 days?

You have provided no “help” at all.

It’s shameful how badly and disrespectfully you treat your hosts - including the busiest AirBnB host in my city.

Why can’t you just inform AirBnB ACCOUNTS to investigate and fix this payment default?

That would “help” your unpaid and ignored AirBnB host!


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Wow! You are certainly running into a brick wall. Although they say that social media cannot resolve the issue, they can bring embarrassment and pressure. Getting yourself in a newspaper article about it which you could forward wouldn’t hurt. The only drastic measure I can see is to send them a list of many reservations which you wish to cancel if not paid by X date. That would be an extreme roll of the dice and some dopey CS person might just go ahead and cancel them but they are worthless if you aren’t getting paid for those future stays. If you have had strong communication with one of the renting parties I might ask that Airbnb member to contact Airbnb asking what they did with their money?

I had a similar issue a couple of years ago and someone on this forum advised me to change the payout to paypal. I changed it and received payment via paypal. At this point, it doesn’t hurt to try it. You can always change it back to your bank. Of course, you’ll need to create a paypal account if you currently don’t have one.


Thank you so much for your help Christine - an excellent suggestion.
I will do the list!

Thanks for your help Ritz - I have a PAYPAL ACCOUNT but don’t like dealing with PAYPAL if I can help it - I don’t like their new fine system for non approved political talk - the stupid thing about this is that AIRBNB paid promptly me without fail for 3+ years so I am still hoping (perhaps unrealistically) to get these 3 missing payments to my same bank account they have always paid in the past.
Lets see how today goes…

I just checked my TRANSACTION HISTORY now - for the 20th time this week - and it says they are “PROCESSING” two of my missing NOVEMBER payments - thankfully the two oldest missing payments.
I guess this means some one there has finally listened to me and done something.
I will update when the money is (hopefully) in my account : )
Thanks again for your kind help!


Yes, magic happens here on AirHostsForum.

Send your wishes into the AirHostsForum universe, and so it shall be, my son.

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Nothing to do with this forum @HostAirbnbVRBO clearly down to Alex being vigilant in chasing payments :grin:

Glad you got it sorted @Alex08

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Humor, my friend. :rofl:


Thanks for your kind words Helsi - I certainly pushed them - every day for almost one week - but it was not until I published here that the “processing” the payments notice was issued - so I don’t know for sure…but I will say the information on, and members in this forum, are most helpful…

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thanks for your tip VRBO! :slight_smile:

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Yes absolutely people here are helpful .

I just think it’s a co-incidence within a couple of hours of you posting here an issue that’s being ongoing for ages was resolved .

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I have the same issue with my payments since october i did not receive any payment. I call airbnb support so many time and the issue still persist.
I try to change payment method but nothing. I dont know what to do to receive my payment.

I’d recommend emailing them again with the threat of a lawsuit, they usually respond faster to those. Don’t like seeing big tech companies stealing from people.


Tell us more about your relationship with your org…

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What made you dig up two separate old posts from last year and on both of them promote a third party company? @Anthony2?

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@Anthony2 Posting under the guise of being a host when you are spamming for your business is not acceptable.


Hi @Alex08 I’d love to know if this got resolved? did you get your missing payouts and did they start paying you as normal? This situation is sounding exactly the same as mine and I’m at a loss at what to do.

Hi Sophia - I finally got paid after 45 days of inexplicable delays regarding 3 payouts.
In 2023 I had 3 payout delays - the other two endured for 14 and 32 days.

Since then payments have been on time and all my payments are up to date at present.

If Airhost Forums had independent host moderators - not Airbnb puppet moderators - this thread would not have been improperly and prematurely closed down and I could have regularly updated members on progress on my original thread.
If my original thread is re-opened I will update members on exactly how I finally forced a solution and after 45 days delay - finally got my 3 missing payouts paid within 24 hours - plus an apology - plus a compensation payment - and this will be supported by photos of my correspondence with AIRBNB.

As I’ve always said - AIRBNB is a great booking platform - the best in the world - I now have 26 big group AIRBNB reservations up until May 2024 - that’s why I have put up with its negative aspects - but their host support staff system seriously sucks and absolutely needs to be reformed or replaced and it’s most unfortunate that a website purporting to act in the interests of Airbnb hosts would stifle any murmur of discontent about it.


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Hi Ax did you get your payout finally paid? As I am having the same issue. I’ve call on six separate occasions chasing a missing payout for two months and I keep getting the same blab back about being patient etc. it has been sent to the “engineers” to be investigated a week ago with no word. So frustrating