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Who are dirtier female or male guests?

I am a guy and I notice that female guests tend to be more messier than males. By that I mean they leave hair almost everywhere, use up all the tissues and use my white towels to wipe off makeup. When that happens I can no longer use it and have to throw it out, also they sometime leave their feminine products in the trash can and don’t throw the trash away.
Idk this is my experience with females, what do you guys think ? And does anyone have any tips in removing make up from white towels ?

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Try Oxy Clean. It’s cheap and effective. It’s basically powdered, non chlorine, color safe bleach. It makes short work of almost all organic stains. I’d recommend you make a bucket of water/Oxy Clean and soak the towels for a bit.

For petroleum based stains, I find Pine Sol works pretty well.

Female guests almost always create more of a mess. And yes, I’m female. :slight_smile:

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Unless it’s around a toilet. :wink:


Do you provide face cloths? Maybe invest in some. Much cheaper to replace!

Oxyclean works best in hot water, Dawn dish soap works best for oil stains.

Buy washcloths not just towels. They will be used to remove makeup. Better yet, buy those medicated face wipes. Guys use them too. As far as sanitary items it the trash, the ladies are trying to do you a favor and not flush them, which would clog up your septic system. Thank them for saving you lots of money. As mentioned Oxyclean is great for stain removal. Women are neater and cleaner than male guests, hands down.

Put small brown paper lunch bags on the back of the toilet in a nice little basket. Your female guests will put their “stuff” in one of them, then dispose of the bag in the garbage. Makes things a little easier on the host.

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Are you saying these dirty girls are not wrapping their used pads and tampons with toilet paper, before just throwing them in the trash? I suppose if it is a private bath they don’t share…then they can choose whether to wrap in toilet paper or not…as long as it is making it in the trash can. But, are guests expected to empty the trash bin?

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I don’t expect the guests to empty the trash, but when they leave Thier used sanitation products in the room waste bin I do expect them to do it or at least cover it or something I don’t want to see it or anything like that. It just screems gross to me.

You can buy sanitary towel disposal bags. They’re very inexpensive. Just have a box of these available in the bathroom.

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Ummm…as a female, I don’t want anyone to see my period mess. So I would wrap the items in toilet paper and toss in the bin. But I would not think to empty the bathroom trash bin unless it was full.

I find males leave more pubic hair around lol …

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