White towels best?

I’m trying to keep housekeeping & linens as simple as possible. I need new towels for guests. Are white the best since I change sheets and comforters and they are always a different color or pattern. Plus, I want towels, hand towels to match. No fuss, no muss. Ar white best? Do they fade poorly? Haven’t had white towels in forever.

I think white towels are the most professional and cleanest looking choice. Hospitality firms have done market research and have found people prefer white towels and sheets because they see them as looking the cleanest. Darker towels are seen as “dirty.” White towels are easily kept white with oxiclean or bleach and you don’t have to worry about those annoying bleached out marks that darker towels often succumb to. The one exception I make is black wash clothes. Because guests remove makeup with them, black does not show the stains and last many times longer than white wash clothes. You can find black ones with “Make Up” embroidered in them; that way guests know what they are for. Good luck!

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I have white sheets and linens, target’s threshold are good and stand a lot of wear and tear. The other thing I love about white linens and towels that patterns can be interchanged. folks don’t really notice as long as they are white. I invest in a blueing agent Mrs stewart on amazon and when white sheets especially pillows begin to show any hint of yellow I use that in the wash.

I also like that I can easily spot any hairs or little tiny Godforsaken dots of stains. I soak those for a very long time and it helps me clean them.

I also agree that white linens and towels give a clean impression for your place and a elevated sense to yor listing.

also I might add I don’t bleach linen unless there is a stubborn stain but use white vinegar baking soda in the wash or Biz for stains. Bleach tends to break down the fabric also I only wash in warm and polyester cycles.

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White towels cab get ruined if someone wipes make up on them, and bleach makes them hard I would suggest a nice cheerful yellow.

I provide dark blue wash cloths and makeup removals wipes for this purpose, so far every one has used them to remove makeup.

Ohhh, white towels and linens are not simple, at least in my experience. I have never been able to keep them pure white no matter how many times I’ve bleached them. Plus, one makeup stain that can’t be removed means you’ll need to replace it. I provide patterned towels and solid-color linens of medium hue that match the decor of the rooms.

I have some white and off-white towels which are patterned (such as with some embroideries/designs) and guests love them! My linens are printed, with a couple of solid cream-colored sets. I have one solid blue quilt, and a couple printed ones. I use the high-quality linens and towels (such as those hotel-style ones), which are ranking high with guests.

We have been using the Charisma towels from Costco in the “Linen” color. They have gotten good remarks from guests and been quite durable and easy to keep clean.

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I was a guest in an airbnb home last week. They had gnarly brown towels that had seen a better day. I wiped my mouth with them after brushing my teeth. Left a nice white mouth print. So now brown is out!

This is perhaps a cultural thing? I am from Norway, and many of our guests say they like our colorful towels. I would never use white . White reminds me of hospitals and institutions. I think the most important thing is not the color, but that the towels are clean, quite new and with a good quality.

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I agree on that white towels look cleaner but the efforts you will pot to keep them clean will be huge. I also put make-up cleaner to bathroom so guests can remove makeup before sleeping but every single time if there is a female guest, there is makeup on my towels. Now I use and suggest dark colors.

White, white, white here. They look clean and crisp and are! Bleach not only helps remove any stains, it’s also antibacterial. Way more sanitary.

I think white towels look institutional too. But, the reason we use colored towels is because we have two guestrooms that share one bathroom. Each guestroom can host from 1-3 guests. So we will have anywhere between 2 and 6 people here at the same time.

We gave this a lot of thought awhile back and realized we needed to have 6 distinctly different colors for towels. If they were all white, then even guests in the same room might have trouble keeping up with which one was whose. But surely the guests from two separate rooms would never be able to keep up with whose was whose especially if they choose to leave them in the bathroom.

So we have one color scheme for each room - based on the color of the room. One room is a kind of a very light green color and the other is a beige color. So one room gets towels in various shades of grey and green and the other in various shades of beige and tan. The colors are all coordinated and go very well together and it makes it easy for the guests to distinguish which towels are theirs.


Thanks for the make-up remover tip. I shall invest in that now.