White or dark coverlet/bedspread?

As a newbie host-to-be, the whole discussion of bedding has certainly been very confusing! We live on the Sunshine Coast, BC near Vancouver. Culling through all the forums, I’ve decided to do the following:

White sheets - fitted at bottom, sheet, blanket, sheet, then coverlet at foot of bed like a bedscarf.
Here’s where I need help:

  1. What kind of blanket will be good to see me through winter as well as summer? (material, colour suggestions please)
  2. Does the blanket need a cover like a duvet would?
  3. Is this enough for winter?
  4. Should the coverlet/bedspread also be white quilted or darker and patterned? Ive read horror stories of people dirtying the top layer but since this is at the foot of the bed, it may not be too dirty, 4) so wondering if this is a wash very often layer?

I suspect the cottage will be booked solid as a summer vacation spot with weekends only booked during off- and shoulder seasons.


I have a blanket that goes on the bottom of the bed that isn’t washed in between each guest. I have white sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers. Generally it’s easier to see if they’re clean or if there’s been damage so I will continue to use white.

The blanket is usually coloured and livens up the bedding, so in essence it’s there for style rather than function.

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We don’t run a Marriott or other BIG Box hotel, so we refuse to use white linens.

We use colored linens and patterned sham/comforter sets that go along with the ambiance of our cabana – pastel blues, greens and grays bedding, with cream and brown towels. Our lightweight comforters feature off white backgrounds with sea life in shades of blue. Check out the pictures at https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/9747142?

IMHO if you try to emulate a hotel with white on white linens/towels etc. you’re just asking for trouble.

Here in Florida we make the bed up with top and bottom sheets and a light weight comforter with four pillows (two of them with sham covers); under all is a mattress protector. A blanket and throw available if guests want to use them.

I’ve lived in the PNW although not as far north as Vancouver; if it were me, I would have two sheets, a light blanket, and a mid weight comforter (as well as a good heater for winter), with a quilt available should the guest need it.

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My beds are fitted with the following:

Completely sealed (zippered at bottom) mattress bag for liquid, bug, and odor protection.
On top of that I have a standard mattress protector like a fitted sheet.
Then I use deep pocket fitted sheets that are cross clipped under mattress to prevent slipping off.
I then have flat sheet, and three level thickness comforter (for non Americans, that’s a warmth blanket, not a protection device) available. On a 1-10 scale, I have a#2, #6,#10 blanket in storage trays under bed. As my home is in a usually warm climate, the #2 is heavily used, but even we can get to “freezing” temps so I make them available.

But we also have standing fans, space heaters (modern ones. Not the old exposed grill ones) as well as hot/cold electric pads.

I also stock, and they are in sorted/labeled bins in closet, 2 pillows per guest of three levels of firmness. So, while that means I am storing a LOT of pillows (30 pillows) and blankets (12 blankets) in my 3 King bed, 2 queen air, 2 bath home (that’s what guests have access to, I also have my own Master bedroom) I find that they like the options.

But I also have bikes that can be borrowed (gps tracker hidden in bike), as well as board games, a Plex library with 1000+ titles not found on Netflix (like entire collections of movies, even in multiple languages) so maybe people are happier that way.

I don’t buy super high dollar items. I think my entire pillow collection was under $300.

Overstock.com has FANTASTIC bedding sets for under $50

I’ll usually ask a guest what their preferences are before their arrival. Left side likes firm pillows, right side likes soft? That’s how it is on arrival.

Same with bedding.

I don’t go for solid color. I go for accident concealing patterns. Paisley, mesh, crazy floral. A yellow solid sheet is much easier to notice any imperfections than something like this.

https://www.overstock.com/12835232/product.html (not that this is $50, but you get my point)

Go with patterns. Don’t go solids.

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We have white sheets, top and bottom. Used to have solid coloured ones but they all ended up with stains I couldn’t get out. White is much easier to keep clean looking.

Then we have a duvet with a charcoal solid coloured cover. This nearly always gets washed between guests, but as we always have a top sheet as well this means if we’re in a real rush it’s no real stress if it doesn’t get washed (controversial I know!!). It always gets a good go over with the lint roller.
Then we have a more brightly coloured throw at the foot if the bed, which is intended for decoration but occasionally I see it has been used as an extra blanket. This doesn’t get washed but gets air dried on the line between guests.

We have 2 extra blankets in the wardrobe. One thinner and one really thick.

We live in a very seasonal place - freezing winters and very hot summers. We’ve gone through one whole winter and half a summer so far and this set up seems to be working so far!

I’m with you on white sheets being easy to keep clean. And they look clean too!

I’ve only recently bought them following advice on this forum. We’ve just had 2 weeks of one nighters back to back so a few questionable stains. I have to say I was so impressed with how they’ve come up looking like new! Will never go back to coloured sheets now

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Looks like you’ve done your research and are well stocked with bedding! So you havent found any difference between super high end sheets (egyptian cotton) and nice but less expensive cotton sheets? A lady at a bedding store told me to get 70%cotton/30%poly so it doesnt wrinkle too much vs all cotton. But then, wouldnt the guest feel the difference? I would. Some swear by higher end, others are good with less expensive, it seems.

Good to know! Though some people are saying bleaching causes yellowing over time??

That hasn’t been my experience. We have white sheets / duvet covers and white towels. The last lot we bought was about eighteen months again and despite bleaching there has been no yellowing.

When goods get too bad for the rental, I use them at home. Replacing bedding every year or so is ok, normal and part of the expense of doing business.

Do you use cotton or cotton blend? I purchased a 500 TC Egyptian Cotton but then someone said those 100% cottons wrinkle a lot and don’t hold up to multiple washes as well as a cotton blend. Now I’m wondering if I should go the other way. My initial thoughts were to highlight the Egyptian luxury sheets on the listing. So confusing…

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I’m a big fan of 100% cotton sheets. I feel like I’m encased in plastic if I try to sleep in cotton/polyester sheets. I haven’t tried linen sheets, but if anyone wants to send me some I won’t turn you down.

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I use 100% cotton. Can’t imagine sleeping with anything else myself, so that is what I put on my guest’s bed. My experience with blends is that they pill, age prematurely, and while they don’t wrinkle as much, they don’t have that lovely crispness that I love so much when I crawl into bed.

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What kind of blankets do you recommend? I’m looking into coverlets and a lot of them are polyester…does that not breathe?

I have several duvet covers and used to switch them out, all light colors. Now I use one off-white duvet cover from IKEA. The duvet covers are washed for every guest. Personally, when I stay somewhere I’m not fond of dark things that I’m not sure if dirt is hiding on them. I have a comforter in the duvet cover, and a velour sort of blanket from Costco in the room they can choose to use or not. I don’t necessarily wash the blanket every time, but do inspect it carefully, and when I wash it, it’s very easy to wash and dry.

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At the risk of starting the whole duvet discussion again, of course you do! I agree about dark or patterned linens - who knows what unpleasantness is lurking? I don’t like the phrase ‘it doesn’t show the dirt’. If dirt is there, I want to see it.

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We use white sheets (fitted and flat), and colour/pattern duvet cover.

The sheets are 100% cotton (500 thread count for $49AUD from Target) whilst the duvet cover is a cotton/poly blend (180 thread count for $25AUD from Target). I use fabric softener and iron everything to address the wrinkles. So far, it’s all held up.

Our winters aren’t that harsh but for next winter, I’ll probably supply some blankets. I really love cotton waffle. Honestly, I wouldn’t put anything in my AirBNB that I wouldn’t be happy to use myself, but I do not spend a heap of money on AirBNB stuff either.

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When I choose bedding set, I always pay attention to materials first. Color is a second thing what I consider about.

Genius! This way if it goes missing you can track it…i wouldn’t have even thought of that. Although I did just buy several 3 packs or Trackr Pixels for about $2.66 each and have already added one to my keys, my purse, my wallet and my spare keys. The barn cat is next…

Actually, I was searching for Linen Double Duvet Sets on google. I found this with great conversation. I think material and color both are the important things in every bedding sets.