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Which months are slow in NYC? November has been terrible

I’m a fairly new host and I began hosting in July. Since August I was fully booked until the end of October. Through this time I was able to achieve Super Host.

BUT November has been terrible and very little request!

I just want to know what are some slow months I need to expect and is anyone experiencing the same in November?

Here in Southwest Florida we’ve been ramping up for Season, with greater occupancy than in the summer time. The opposite of cold climate areas where there is no winter sport activity. Winter sports areas like Aspen, Snowbird etc. are also ramping up now…

Generally speaking, November is pretty slow for a lot of locations. Summer is long over, people are back in school & holiday travel season hasn’t kicked in yet…

For the past month or so, I’ve been getting a lot of last minute semi-local guests looking for a quick getaway from the city, rather that people on an actual vacation. I’ve just now started to get more future bookings & inquiries form out of state people.

I can’t speak for NY, but Colorado has had an unusually warm Fall this year which has killed the early ski season. There is virtually no natural snow at many of the big ski areas and none to speak of in the forecast. I’m hoping this isn’t going to turn into a long dry Winter which will really hurt bookings.

I don’t know this for an absolute fact but I suspect that some places (like NYC and London) are less seasonal than other places.

Perhaps this drop in bookings is the effect of a) the new host boost wearing off and b) an influx of new hosts?

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