Which is better - to decline or to wait the 24 hours?

It’s the old story of a first time user sending a request to book with no profile and very little information in his message. I have sent two messages over the past 7 hours (daytime in Oz) asking for more info and explaining that I am required to make a decision promptly. I have had no reply from said guest.

Am I better to let the hours tick on and therefore maybe lowering my response rate, or declining and having that marked against me?


After I sent 3 messages over a 12 hour period and received no response I declined. Half an hour later I received this message with the same name but from a different account:
I booked for Wednesday 16th. My phone has since departed ways and I cannot access any Air BnB messages, so I’m therefore unable to reply!
Please call or sms my work number on (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) as I believe there is a problem?

My response:


You didn’t make a booking, you sent a request to book. I am sorry but Airbnb doesn’t allow us to exchange identifying information like phone numbers until you have completed payment. The only way we can communicate is through this messaging platform.
Kind regards,

I then phoned Airbnb and asked them to investigate as I don’t understand how if he lost his phone and was unable to respond he is now able to set up a different account and message me. And how does he know “there is a problem”? You can access your account on numerous devices, why do you need a new account?

I expected they would call him to verify what was going on. I got the most unhelpful Air CS rep I have ever accounted who accused me of discrimination!! Discrimination, on what grounds?
She went on to tell me people could have as many accounts as they wished. She told me nothing that I didn’t already know. In over 4 years I have never encountered a CS rep who was so flippant and uninterested!

Stupidly I didn’t take down her name as I didn’t expect I would be treated in such an offhanded manner. Usually the reps are unfailing nice and professional, maybe it was her last day on the job.

An hour after the last message the guest still hasn’t responded, which I think is a good thing.

I suspect the guest has not enabled notifications or installed the app. I would ask for a free pass from Airbnb to ignore this person. I guess you have a request for a guest to give you info on themselves and the purpose of their visit on your listing, and their failure to do so should relieve you of any obligation towards the person.


Just let it time out. As you have responded at least once you won’t get dinged for not responding now so don’t worry about that. :slight_smile:

My understanding is that is only for an enquiry, not for a request to book. I’m fairly sure for a booking request you have to do yay or nay before the 24 hours is up.

I am aware of all of that. My question is about a booking request not an inquiry. Airbnb hosts do have this on their listing page: