Which features should my smartlock have?

Hey, I’m thinking about renting my room out while I’m traveling. :grin::airplane: I think a smartlock would be pretty cool. Which features should it have? And are there some typical problems you have with your smartlock?

Hi Friedrich, I would recommend choosing a smartlock that has a keypad. That way your guests do not need to download an app just to open the door. Lockstate have a great range of wifi locks that integrate with airbnb but of course that is just my opinion! Thanks, Stuart

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I got a schalge using Vera- I like that I can program it from the web and also set exact date and time when the code works and when it doesn’t.

I use the Schlage Connect locks. Love them. Even the utility room has one on it. This way they can’t access HVAC, electrical, etc unless I remotely grant them access (say if a breaker tripped). Mine work on Z-Wave, hook up to Wink and I can lock/unlock, set codes, remove codes, view logs, etc. all from my phone.


Automatically programs when you book your guest, sends out an email with your house info and specially generated random code.

I use August in my home, and there’s definitely problems with it still. That being said, their customer service line has been friendly and responsive, so I’m glad I tried them out. My friend in Philly uses a numpad one that you can buy from any generic hardware store. I ordered the tapered lock from August and will try it this week; hopefully it’ll help the door lock since at the moment you need a slight push/pull in order to close the door fully.

@BigBearRentals and @dmxrob, You are describing the features we want, but I’m having trouble finding the exact lock that encompasses those features. I’ve been searching on Amazon. Here is the closest thing I have found:
Schlage FE599NX CAM 716 ACC 716 Home Keypad Lever with Z-Wave Technology, Aged Bronze
It is a smart lock, Schlage brand, in the oil-rubbed bronze that matches the rest of our house, but it doesn’t specify being able to set codes for certain dates in the future. Is it the right lock, or is there a different one you can send me a link to? Thanks so much for your help!

@Asheville That is the exact lock that I use. You are correct, it does not let you set dates for the future. However, it does allow remote code settings, locking and unlocking of door, has a tamper alarm as well as the ability to see an audit of who used what code when. I highly recommend it personally.

Keep in mind you will need a hub of some sort for the interface for it (and other smart products you may get in the future). For that I recommend the Wink ecosystem. No monthly fees and supports a wide variety of protocols.


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Great info, @dmxrob ! We were definitely going to need info about which smart system to use. Wink sounds like a good option! I do wish it had the feature to set codes for future dates like @BigBearRentals mentioned, but it shouldn’t be a big deal to set codes as each guest is due.

The Lockstate 6i does all that, as well as automatically setting it up directly from airbnb. Plus, they already have an interface created as well ask the ability to send your guest an email - directly to the email address they have at airbnb.

Thanks, @Rolf. I did follow the link you had provided in an earlier comment. I didn’t like the $469 price tag or the 7 to ten days til shipping. The scheduling of codes is a nice feature, but I don’t want my lock to send emails to my customers. Still, I appreciate your input!

So, we ended up purchasing this one:
Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt w/ Built-In Alarm, Aged Bronze, BE469 CAM 716
It is the one I was considering (the one that DmxRob uses) except that it is the deadbolt instead of the handle lock.
For the handle, we just got a simple coordinating handle that does not have a lock:
Camelot Trim with Accent Hall and Closet Lever, Aged Bronze (F10 ACC 716 CAM)
For our smart hub, I compared Vera, Isis, and a few others before deciding on the latest version of Wink (also recommended by @dmxrob):
Wink Hub 2
I hope it all works well for us! Thanks for everyone’s input! I’ll post an update if I have anything worth sharing about it!

@Asheville Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! I have not yet upgraded to Wink 2 yet, but that is on my “Christmas prep” list for the house! In addition to 5,000 lights going up I want to upgrade Wink. Like I said, I’ve been super happy with Wink and Schlage!

Good luck, and do share your experience!


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We currently have a Sunnect AP501 which requires manual code changes, but are eagerly awaiting the release of the Yale Linus coming out in 2017. We like the look of it. It’s a deadbolt, though, so overkill for a room.

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I use an August Smartlock with the keypad and August connect add-ons. It’s super convenient and fits all your needs.

Thanks for all the recommandations! I just realized that I can’t use them all, because I live in an apartment and there is still the main door (where I obviously can’t install a smartlock) :pensive:
Does somebody else have this problem?? I thought about hacking the intercom so that I might can control it with my smartphone too.

UPDATE: We’re very happy with this Schlage Connect smart lock and the Wink Smart Home hub. My husband said the installation of the lock was easy, and the instructions they provided for installation worked well. The printed instructions from Schlage were incomplete for setting the lock codes, but the YouTube video on their website was good. Wink was easy to set up, and we love the remote access features. The only concern so far is that there was one time when it stopped working with our network. It just had to be powered down and back up, so no big deal. However, had we not been here, that could have been a problem. I did research various smart home hubs before going with Wink, and I read that ALL of them have the issue that they sometimes fail to work. Overall, we are very pleased and would recommend both the Schlage Connect smart lock and the Wink smart home hub.

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Has Wink added the ability to pre program to turn on and off on certain dates? That’s the reason I went with Vera over Wink

Code expiration is still not available to my knowledge unfortunately but its really not that much of a hassle to delete and add codes.

Wink allows us to set a key removal reminder for a specific date and time. It works well for us!

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