Where to report a host in Germany for illegal airbnb

Hi forum,
sorry this is such a negative and awful post but I have been trying to find the best way to contact the german authorities to report a bad airbnb host in germany. Does anyone have any information on who to contact, and also the best way to report to airbnb?


I presume you contact your local government service that covers short term lets and report to them @scologic

Have you looked at your local government website to see if there is an email or phone number?

If you look on Airbnb Help and search for reporting illegal/problem hosts Airbnb provide you with an email that you can report hosts on.

A couple of years ago someone reported a neighbour as he didn’t have the necessary licence. The person who reported him simply called the local authorities. Is that not possible as a starting point? Have you reported the listing to Airbnb via the link on the listing page?

You are kind of vauge. Is this a criminal matter for the police, or a TOS violation with Airbnb?

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