Where to find superhost coupon

Can someone advise how i get my superhost bonus - told i had qualified early April 2023 but cannot see where it is.

It does not appear to be under insights as suggested on internet

So you don’t see ‘Superhost’ on the far left after clicking Insights?

See below.

Click on the link in the Superhost email you got.

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Hello Muddy,

Thank you for that - and with your help a Ukrainian host has now beneficted from the $100 voucher.




For some unfathomable reason those vouchers don’t show up under your “credits and coupons” unless you click on the email link. And it says “to activate your Superhost voucher…” or something like that, which totally confused me the first time I got one, as “activate” made it sound like you were ready to use it to book something immediately. (Which you did, but most people would just be using sometime in the future before it expired)

Just in case anyone filters and deletes emails as I do, you don’t have to use the email. I haven’t looked at that email in years.

If you go to your Superhost stats, there is a list of Superhost rewards including Airbnb coupon with a link there to “Redeem Coupon”. Clicking on that will activate it too.

Good to know- hard to find where they tuck things away sometimes. Seems like it would make a lot more sense to just have automatically appear with the “coupons and credits” rather than having to “redeem” it first. But they do love providing us with as many clicks as possible. :laughing: