Where is the ‘suitable for infants...’ list gone?

Hi all. I cannot seem to locate the ‘suitable for infants…’ list. Has something changed? Can anyone direct me? Has it also been removed maybe with the ‘collections’? And a bit off topic but I also miss the key icon in messaging. So want that back. Anyway, I am dealing with a guest who booked as 2 adults + 1 infant. She then said ‘sorry, my daughter is actually almost 3 and I didn’t realize why I had put. Let me know if this is not okay’. I sent s a change request to correct form infant to child. I have extra guest fee for guests 3 & 4. She stopped communicating and checked out without accepting the change. Withdrew change. Opened a resolution request. She neither accepts or declines. At 72 hours, she starts messaging me crazy unrelated stuff about the heat/thermostat. I involved Airbnb. We shall see.
In the meantime, I want to review all those settings and I cannot locate them. The list where we can checkbox those things. Guide me good people !

To specify if your listing is safe or suitable for children and infants:

  1. Go to Your listings on airbnb.com and select a listing
  2. Click Manage listing
  3. Click Booking settings at the top of the page
  4. Next to House rules , click Edit
  5. Select that your listing is suitable for children and infants, then click Save

If you state that your home is suitable for children, it’s up to you if you want to provide special amenities or safety equipment.

On a desktop computer, it is under Listing…Booking Settings…House Rules…Edit.