Where is the option to share info with local governments?

I am ‘ambassador’ - ing a new host and they are not allowed to do short term unless they ‘share info (I assume tax info) with local government’. They are defaulted to 30+ day stays only. Where is this check box? MY listings do not have this. Is it possible that this is not offered to airbnb hosts who are in areas that have STR regs that will not allow shorter listings?

There may be something here: Listings → Policies and rules → then scroll down to Laws and regulations. Or as you mentioned, with the tax information.

Not sure if you’re helping someone in NY or not but they mention a requirement for sharing information with local government in this article. I imagine it may be similar at least.


Thank you. FYI, yes, this new host was in the New York City area and by default they are only allowed to do 28+ days.

Did you figure out where they can consent? I did some quick research for you and all I found was other hosts asking where to consent for NYC, but no answers.

If it’s not there in the listing settings, it could be under their account settings. There is a Privacy & Sharing section in the account settings. It’s worth checking the Sharing tab under those settings.

Anyway, if you figure out , please post about it. I came across many hosts looking for the information on both the CC and reddit.

Btw, is the new host positive that their address is coming up in the correct type of building to have the option to do less than 30? From what I understand, it’s not legal in the majority of buildings, but I’m not sure of the situation with your person there.

They looked under their settings and there is no option. I assume it is that their location is preselected by airbnb to NOT have this possible.

You may want to have them get familiar with the regulations, in case they aren’t yet:


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Have you checked on the NYC government website - they have the regulations outlined there. I believe you can’t host listings for less than 30 days if you don’t live on the premises unless you meet certain criteria. @Rolf

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