Where in the World do you find co-hosts?

Airbnb is a wonderful platform.
However, they tend to play it too mysterious, releasing only a minimum of information.
So my question is double:

  • where can you find the list of the cities with co-hosting?
  • why can’t you co-host far from home when you offer non in person services (improving listing, answering guests, managing bookings)?

You’d be more likely to find that info on Airbnb’s site than here.


If you need you can call or email them. Like any business with new products and services these are tested in small groups, tweaked and then canned or launched.

You need to register on Airbnb ‘marketplace’ if you want to hire or host through Airbnb, new cities are being released all the time. You can easily google the cities already available.

Additionally anyone can invite a friend they know or hire many of the professionals out there offering their services and manually add them to your listing as a cohost.

You can but if you want to get offers via the Airbnb marketplace then you must be a local host with good record, usually a super host as this is what people need- a nearby host to greet guests, be there to respond to issues etc as the owner and primary host is mostly remote or busy doing other paid work.

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TY @Maggieroni but there is no such information on Airbnb’s website. This is why I am using this forum.

I posted a link, check it out

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TY @Emily. I tried contacting them but the answer is “It’s a work in progress. Adding new cities everyday”.
Keep the mystery it’s so useful.
Of course I am already on the Marketplace and a Superhost. But it does not give me access to the list of cities.
Last point does not answer the question of why you can’t provide some, non local, services to other hosts.
Thanks anyway

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I looked into co-hosting in our city and it just said no hosts available. Honestly, the pay seems like it would be so low that it’s not worthwhile and I wouldn’t want it to interfere my own listings.They suggested a pay of 10%-20% depending on what you provide. So, if someone charges $60 a night and they have a one night stay, I’d get $6-$12! Minimum wage where we live is $11 an hour! Not worth it at all.

If I am not mistaken, as a co-host you cannot see the hosts. Only them can look for co-hosts.
To answer your concern for minimum revenues, this is something which can be addressed in your deal with the host. You may ask for a minimum, say $25.
Then it’s your host decision if they want one night rentals which, in my opinion, are more for hotels than Airbnbs.

AirBnB have a fair wage policy as well so difficult to believe that $6 to $12 would meet it.

Because what you are suggesting is NOT “co-hosting”. A co-host does things in person that the actual host cannot do. What you are suggesting is a “host services” perhaps, or like all those get-rich-quickers who come here and post an ad for their hot-shot App.


Good point Ken.
Now, from perusing hundreds of listings, I can guarantee you that so many
hosts need help creating and maintaining great listings. Same for
communicating with guests.
My view is that 80% of the hosts job is before arrival of the guests.
Think about those using automated locks and who never meet their guests.
Are they “non hosts”?

Paul Page

@Arubabnb co-hosting is like any other service business. If you want to provide a service you need to develop a marketing plan to reach your target market i.e. hosts and demonstrate you are different/better than your competitors.

Apart from your website which channels and tactics are you using to reach your target market?

There are lots of things you can do to promote your business without relying on Airbnb.

By the way you might to have some who has English as a first language proof read your website for you as it has quite a few grammatical and spelling errors.

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I’ll be sure to try to help you again with your polite response ‘of course’

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Is this your business @Morgan_Akchehirlian?

Morgan, I see that you have just joined. Hopefully this is not to promote your business?

Assuming that you’re a host and intend to join our community here, you might find that it’s a good idea not to update threads that are almost two years old.


Yes, it is his business.


So he is @JohnF

I will close the thread.

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