Where do you shop for 100% cotton white sheets?

They are all very expensive. Do you have any place to shop 100% cotton sheets with a good price? Some hotel supply websites all sell 60/40 cotton sheets.

These are my favorite!! https://m.macys.com/shop/product/martha-stewart-collection-360-thread-count-cotton-percale-sheet-sets?ID=1280533
They are always on sale, although this sale looks particularly good (and almost over).


Surely it depends where you live?

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I’m in Europe (the Netherlands) and bought mine from hotellinens.co.uk Really nice quality and better value than anything I found on Amazon


John Lewis is the only place for me! (UK). Expensive initially, but impeccable quality.

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I get sheets on Amazon, Costco, ebay or at a discounter like Marshall’s or Home Goods.

I never go for the highest quality because my price is low and I have mostly 1 night guests. If I had a more upscale place I’d be more concerned about my sheets.


Well as you can tell by the price of mine they’re not the highest quality either, but they’re pretty nice and seem to be holding up.

In their reviews, guests regularly comment on the quality of the linens.
Reasonably priced, they last well and stay white with Oxyclean.


These two links may help for U.S. based hosts:

I use Absolutely Home Textiles who supply a variety of well priced bed linen and towels, including hotel quality, all on-line.

I don’t like 100% cotton because it wrinkles too much – I love sheets made of Tencel - has anyone tried Tencel sheets?

Thank you!. Just checked. $150 a set, that’s too expensive, maybe wait for sale.

Thanks for that! Price is extremely reasonable.

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I just ordered this set and will see how the quality is. Too bad they don’t have queen size for prime.

I’ve gotten some Utopia brand stuff at Amazon and liked it. They also sell flat, fitted and pillowcases separately so if one gets ruined you just replace that bit, not the whole set. I don’t know if it was this same quality line.

I checked their flat queen sheet cost $26. I emailed the seller ask if they can sell bulk something like 6 flat sheets, fitted sheets for small business.

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Sale was over July 4th. Same set was $39.99. It’s Macy’s, it’ll be on sale again soon I’m sure!! I would never pay $150!!!

Pleasure. Their customer service is top notch too. I sound like an advert but I’m not affiliated, just really impressed :slight_smile: