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Where do I turn to research profitability in a city?

Hi folks. Really looking forward to getting some direction here. I have used Airbnb as a traveler a few times in the past, and I really want to get into hosting. I am looking to buy a house in a city nearby me and its purpose is two-fold…to be a summer vacation home for me to use probably two weekends a month from April-November…and then have on Airbnb the rest of the time. I am having a really hard time finding out where to turn get statistics as to how much money I can make by Airbnb-ing the house. This city is in Michigan, USA and is a beach town, so I am fairly sure my business would be better in the summer. There is one host who has three listings there, one of which is near the beach. (I am looking for a home within 4 blocks of the beach). Her house is pretty new so looking at her calendar doesnt seem to help too much . Also, theres no guarantee that blocked off days are ones that she has a guest in (maybe she is staying there then). Anyway…how do I get an idea of how much activity my house would get?

@jgushman13 Try Ever Booked. I’m sure @dordal would be more than happy to help you

You should read up on the Homeaway forum, and here, etc. When you depend on a third party listing site to control your marketing, you are allowing them to change the rules. Current home owners are finding this out and selling their properties. It was easy gravy train for many years for some, and other newbies with Airbnb. You cannot make these long term decisions based on a listing site. What if they started charging 25% tomorrow? Would you be able to survive?

@dordal I appreciate that link. it gave me info on pricing, but for some reason it cant pull any comparable data for my city. theres definitely Airbnb listings there, so I’m not sure why. Are there any other sites?

That’s a good point…but I can definitely afford the house payment without Airbnb income, so it would be just a way to help offset.

@jgushman13 very strange. What city specifically are you trying to look at? Feel free to PM if you don’t want to share it publically.

Port Huron MI…

There are many ideas…

1)You can study Tourism management to learn your local situation
2) If you don’t have time, you can ask the local agent.
3) You can also put a lot fake advertisement in airbnb to see if people come…but so you need at lease one year to see when is the peak when is the low season…who are the potential guests, what they need…of course you can see how the superhost do…follow them…see when they have vacancy, the rates…

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