Where did my posts go?

I posted two message on October 11th 2018, and yet I cannot find either post in my profile? Can someone please explain to me, besides going to my profile page, is there another way to see your own previous posts?


Can a moderator explain to me why my posts are no longer there? If need be, I can re-post them. One was with regards to a fellow who was told he cannot record conversations with AIRBNB customer support. This is incorrect. In Canada, it is completely legal to record any conversation you are a part of, without telling any other party that you are recording. And there is no TOS from any company that supersedes Federal law and the Charter of Rights, at least that is the way it is in Canada.

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Forgot to mention, the other post was regarding a photographer AIRBNB was sending me via a reward for being a super host for the umpteenth time. But I cancelled this “reward” ; my missing post explains why and what AIRBNB was sending.

The last post before today was this one

One of the best ways to disassociate with the forum is to quit posting on it. I can also prevent you from posting whether you want to or not.