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Where are you from?


HI Faheem!
I’m from NY and looking to survey AirBNB hosts. Have a minute?



Long Beach, California here. I rent out a bed in the corner of my living room.


@J_Wang! That is so much cozier than I had imagined! Nice job!!!


Donovan’s, South Australia, Australia. Cottage that sleeps four across the road from my house.


What’s on your mind, @Aasheekaa?


You have an open truss clear story ceiling like I do!!!


We have such good taste :))))


Is that what it’s called? Why “open truss clear story”?


Hi Friedrich, welcome! I live in the UK but rent out a cottage in Co Mayo in Ireland on the shores of loch mask. Beautiful setting!


Örebro in Sweden with an appartment that we rent


The open truss part is obvious, but not,sure what they mean by clear story. It’s basically that you have no ceiling and all the supporting roof structures are clear and visible.


Here’s what my clerestory looks like. The way the beams connect is also called tongue and groove. It creates a pop up cupola which allows for excellent air flow through the house. I don’t need heating or air conditioning.

Edited for correct spelling!!


Sandringham Beach, Melbourne Bayside, Australia


I learned a new word. :slight_smile: WP has a helpful page, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clerestory


Traverse City, Michigan… Pic from today. We rent out the entire 2nd floor of our house. We are a big time tourist town in the summer and we can usually rent out any time we want. Starting now in Nov it really slows after the fall color season is over. And in the winter all the hotels have super low rates just to say open. Welcom


Love all the photos! Keep em coming!




Love all the responses.


I’m from the island of Malta in Europe. Malta is most popular with tourists in Summer mostly for the sun and beaches but the island has a lot more to offer thanks to a very rich history dating back to 5200 BC.


I’m from Temecula, Ca and we rent a whole house! I have no idea how everyone is getting those great pictures on here! I’m on my phone so that may be my problem.

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