Where and how for checkout instructions

I cannot find where to list checkout instructions for my private room(s). I am unsure how this works as well… I am hoping that checkout simply tells the guest to contact me when they check out…how does that work - I assumed it would be somewhere near my house rules, but I cannot find it…

I wouldn’t count on guests remembering (or even discovering) checkout instructions embedded in your listing, if that’s what you’re asking about. My own technique is to send a not on the platform dinnertime the day prior to checking out. Another option is to print them up and put them on the back (inside) of the door to their room/suite (laminated or in a frame).

I don’t think it’s available yet unless you opted in for the early access of the new options.

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I use an auto-message at 6 pm the night before checkout for checkout instructions. It’s in the quick replies where you can add form letters and schedule the time sent. You can even personalize the memos (but I haven’t done it).


We leave a guide sheet in our rentals upon check in. Top front has all vital info and codes, bottom front has a checkout checklist they must check off and sign before leaving and back has a map of the vacation complex. Very concise and efficient, and we are often complimented by guests who feel that way too.


Do you print a new page for each guest?

Yes, we have bright yellow paper we use and pre-print the community map on the backs, each specific to and with their particular rental number and assigned parking space highlighted. Then we choose the appropriate map/back and print the fronts before guest check in. Those too are standardized for the rental unit, with the top half showing all the specific info for that unit and the checkout checklist with required signature at the bottom.

The only thing we add/edit before printing each is guest name, check-in and check-out dates, monthly complex entrance code for all gates and their personal front door code, since all of those are subject to change each time. We collect the signed checklists after they check out.

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