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When to leave review for my VERY FIRST GUEST!

Very happy - we have welcomed and hosted our first guest … so, when will i be able to leave a review for him? he checked out this morning so i’m thinking maybe tomorrow will be able to??

we have 2 x more bookings coming up and considering it’s Winter here i’m pretty happy with this as a start!!

Thanks in advance for any help and advice to a Newby!!

ABB will send you an email to leave the review.
Congrats :slight_smile:

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You also have two weeks to leave a review - I normally wait to the end of this period to leave one or wait until the guest leaves one (Air notifies you when they have).

We typically leave one as soon as possible to prompt the guest to leave one of their own. Since reviews are some of the most valuable ‘currency’ on ABB, it’s important to give them as much time and impetus to leave one back.

Usually ABB emails you the evening or next morning after a guest checks out.

ABB’s updated emails do a great job of prompting action by showing the other user that there is a review, but leaving all the lines ‘redacted.’ I know when we get one of those, myself or my wife instantly jump to review them so we can see what was they left.

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Congrats on your first guest. Hopefully your guests will all leave you glowing reviews promptly. Unless you had a bad experience, there is no need to wait. Keep in mind if they are traveling leaving a review might not be easy or a priority. Emailing or texting a reminder won’t hurt. Those first few reviews are gold.

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