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When in Rome, do as the Romans do?

When did the societal mentality change from the idea that you learn about and experience the culture you are visiting to one of expectation that hosts bend over backwards to learn and accommodate the various cultural expectations of their visitors?


Because cash is king

I don’t :slight_smile:

Although I do like to learn about cultural differences here at the forum so I know what to (possibly) expect from various guests.

There’s only one thing I do depending on where the guests are coming from and that is that I vary the arrival snacks and ‘starter’ breakfast foods. This is based on experience rather than stereotyping or generalising.

I find that, for example, guests coming from Europe prefer croissants for breakfast, US guests prefer bagels. European guests prefer fruit over packaged snack that US guests tend to like :slight_smile:

But that’s just a slight variation in shopping so easily done. I like guests to eat all the food provided because it’s a signal to me that they’ve enjoyed what has been on offer.

I thought at one time that guests coming from overseas would prefer the ‘when in Rome’ thing but experience has shown otherwise.

But I don’t blame the hosts who do bend over backwards to accommodate guests from different cultures - I blame the review system! But that being said, the fact that Airbnb hosts do go to so much trouble shows how superior Airbnb can be when compared to hotels.

Funny, my next guest is actually NAMED Roman…let’s see how he do…

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