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When I guest Steals something by mistake


It has haponed to me a handful of times already , this last time it was a throw Blanket that I lay down on the foot of the bed, in the 3 years I haven been hosting it has happened like 4 times that a guest takes a blanket, i didn’t even notice. Who because we had back to back one night reservation
It just makes me mad to think that they think it’s ok to take it


Stealing is not by mistake. Are they stealing it or taking it by mistake? Either way request that they pay you for it via the resolution center.


The problem is i don’t know who to blame since my husband was the one cleaning the room all this week and he didn’t notice it was missing


Ah! That’s frustrating. I’d be buying inexpensive or mark down/clearance sale blankets.


I had a throw go missing about a month ago. The same gal swapped out her hair dryer for mine. I also think she stole my Carolina Panthers mascot (which wounded me the most), but I didn’t notice it right away to ask her. She admitted to the throw and the hair dryer, and we worked through that.

I buy nearly all stuff like that at Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Home Goods. You should be able to get some great deals on blankets now that we’re heading into the warmer months.


I have it in my house rules, bathrobes/slippers/hairdryer or any items in your room are for your use while staying with us. They must remain in the property after you leave.


I was resolving myself to message the three women that had stayed at the weekend, as one of the Marks & Spencer towels was missing. “pack it by mistake” kind of message.

Popped into the bathroom for a wee before stripping beds, there was towel, on back of door.


It is aggravating to have things go missing and it happened in the early years for me. For the last couple of years there has been negligible pilferage which I owe to including a blurb at the end of my Welcome letter along these lines:

We are pleased to share our condo with you and hope you find it comfortable and complete. Extra items have been provided for your convenience, entertainment and use - as well as ours when we are in town. You are welcome to use and consume whatever is here during your stay but we ask that you not remove anything from the condo when you depart.


Colour me amazed (and horrified) that hosts feel they need to warn guests about this … would a guest who really thinks it’s ok to steal something from a vacation home be deterred by such a notice? I’ve had a couple of guests ask if they can take a book or magazine that they’ve been reading, but blankets, hairdryers, bathrobes?

Oh dear, my wardrobe has just confronted me with the fact that 30 years ago I stole a very nice padded coat hanger from a swish hotel. I will have it on my conscience till the day I die …


I have had bathrobes stolen, when raised with the guests the response was that they thought they were complementary!


We have had a washcloth go missing at our home, where we rent out two bedrooms on ABB. The girl that was staying informed us when she got home and she ended up mailing it back to us.

Just recently we had a cute throw pillow go missing at our vacation rental in Hawaii.

My parents used to own a bar in Detroit and had warned me of “shrinkage”, so I think this is not so bad.


I provide tampons and sanitary pads for free as there are no 24/7 chemists within 40km. Because before that I had had a couple of accidents. They’ve been slowly getting used over the last 2 years (I’ve never checked if they have a use by date). Then suddenly the other day I noticed the remaining half had all been taken by one guest. Total cost less than $10 to replace and they are there to be used but it seemed a bit cheeky to just take the lot. Or even if they were needed not to just take one or two and then buy their own from the chemist nearby when it was open.


That’s hilarious. Well not really. Did they pay for them?


I had my guest house key go missing. On a large red ribbon that cost me $20 that says “remove before flight”. I also say if it is taken there is a $25 charge. I was about to message the guest demanding payment or return but decided to ask them if they knew where it was. Turns out they had left it in the outside door lock on the guest entrance. Which of course I don’t use as I have an inside door I access when cleaning. D’oh! So glad I wasn’t rude about it.


Same happened to me with a cool tourist book. I found it in my kids’ room.

Embarrassed i blamed the guests, relieved i only did it in my head.


We have “lost” an inordinate amount of washcloths. I don’t know what the deal is, but washcloths are the only item that sprout legs and walk off. Guests either like them too much, or they do something to them they’d rather we not see.


When I had my first $4 glass resuable water bottle go missing (but one was left so that kind of threw me off) I wrote the guest. “Did you accidentally take one of the glass water bottles with you or did it break or something?” When they replied two days later they matter of factly told me they took it because the guest info sheet referred to “complimentary water bottles.” I hadn’t re-typed the sheet from when I put the plastic ones that they were free to take. So I told the guest “Oh, perfectly understandable!” and let it go. What I actually thought was “you’re kidding! You thought it was okay to take that nice bottle after a one night stay at under $50 a night?” I changed the wording to on the guest guide to explictly state that water bottles and coffee cups are to be left in the room as I sanitize and reuse them. I also added a case of Tazo tea bottles to my supply. I take the labels off but the caps still say Tazo. I’ve had one of those taken as well. That’s a lot less painful. Honestly if people take them and it keeps a few plastic bottles out of the environment it’s worthwhile.


I recently had a guest message me asking if the “wine and other liquor” was available for her to drink. I replied that everything but the bottle of red wine was (the wine was mine. The rest had been left by other guests, and not to my liking). She responded with “that’s so generous, thanks!” I arrive the next day to clean after they check out, and all four bottles of booze are gone! No empty bottles leftover. They drove in, and their daughter lives locally, so I assume they thought it was all free for them to take. Then she had the nerve to knock me down for value…you pay $160 for a 2 night stay, take at least $50 worth of booze (not to mention the pastries, juice, etc I provide), and you didn’t get your money’s worth? I’m speechless. But hey, thanks for clearing my liquor cabinet of things I wouldn’t drink anyway…

She also complained in her private remarks that they couldn’t use the outdoor space, as mentioned in my listing. I’m in Wisconsin. It’s still cold here, and there is a 10’ pile of snow occupying my patio right now. Sorry, I’ll hand shovel that aside for you next time, so you can sit outside in your parka and enjoy the fresh air.

There, I feel better now. Rant over. :roll_eyes:


No good deed goes unpunished… Seriously, I’m sorry for you. :heart: This would tick me off to no end.


Curious if you gave them a negative rating. I have a guest who I believe stole a little glass tray that I put the snacks out on. I will ask about it but I don’t want to give them a good rating if they stole it. Wondering how people are handling that.

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