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When guests vomit


I may be too common sense, but when a guest has vomited in our rental cottage, I would really appreciate some notification. It aggravates me to no end, when they partially clean up the mess, ruin our white towels, leave just enough particulate matter for me to notice; then leave and say only “we had a lovely stay, thanks again!”.
I had to remove all pillows, mattress protectors and coverlets to clorox. (I sniffed from a safe distance to see which bed was involved.)
They had used the provided plunger without rinsing it off. Left stuff on the toilet underside.
I feel a guest should just own up to it. To protect those who clean.
I know, I am venting…


Please vent in their review so we don’t have to put up with their revolting habits :blush:


I am totally appalled.


“Cannot recommend this guest. They left a real pukey mess behind and did not bother to mention it to us.”


Should have cleared up properly and informed you. Low cleanliness stars.


Low on cleanliness and communication. Such disrespect is intolerable. However, the lead guest, if more than a couple, may not know one of the party was unwell.

" One of the guests was clearly unwell overnight and left vomit on the all bed linen and the towels they had attempted to clean up with, together with a plunger left used ,but not cleaned. They neither informed me or apologised."


You may be unaware that one of your party was unwell overnight. The clean up and soiled laundry has been well beyond what I would normally expect to be dealing with on guests’ departure. I will be submitting a claim for the extra costs incurred via Airbnb".

Did you take photos?


It could be worse. i have heard of guests who turned the cushion over so the offending material couldn’t be seen until it was too late to identify the culprit. Reason why I always check under the cushions.


People are pigs! Sorry for you to have experienced this. This is horrible.
As all would say, please thumb down and at least rate 1 star in cleanliness.
Why are people so disrespectful?


I’ve had the same experience as Joan. The one time I had a vomit queen visit my house, she was the guest of one of my (barring this incident) excellent regular guests. She had no idea her girlfriend had vomited all over the bed and dropped the wad of soiled linens down the laundry chute.


what’s wrong with this people? can’t they vomit into the toilet?


I mean, every once in a while you get so sick you can’t make it to the toilet. But the correct procedure is (a) clean up completely, and (b) apologize, even if it’s something beyond your control like stomach flu.


with stomach flu you can still use your legs to get to the toilet or if you can not make it for sure you can throw up on the floor and not in the bed


Sometimes vomiting happens very suddenly, although I agree you can usually roll over and get it on the floor rather than the bed. As someone who gets sick often, I have often been caught in situations where I couldn’t get all the way to the toilet before everything went. Being punished for it as a child never seemed to make any difference, either; it’s just not completely voluntary.

Of course, the odds are good that these guests are throwing up because they got drunk, not sick, which means they have more of a responsibility for it. But the principle is still the same: if bodily fluids should for whatever reason occur, you clean up completely and apologize for it.


After copious amounts of clorox and leaving windows and door open, it seems better in the cottage. I have not left a review yet. I do want to make sure future hosts know, and these guests learn what it the proper thing to do.
“Someone in the family vomited. The guests attempted to clean it. Left plunger and toilet soiled. Stripped sheets as per check out instructions; but did not place pillow, mattress cover and coverlet in laundry. They did not notify us. A host would appreciate a guest notifying them of such an occurrence. This allows a host to take precautions while cleaning.”
And to the guests:
“Please, in the future, always notify a host if vomiting or sickness has occurred. This gives the host the opportunity to protect themselves while cleaning and to clean with disinfecting products to protect the next guest”


I also have been vomiting all my life, I have a rare metabolic disorder of the muscles when I sleep my muscles become very stiff and if I try to move I vomit, but I never vomited into the bed. I think if somebody vomit in the bed is really drunk/ drugged or is semi-conscious or he is somebody that really don’t care to vomit in other’s people bed


My Main issue is with guests who don’t tell us about a problem. It is like a child who tries to cover up something. I always can deal with the truth. I am very forgiving and cordial to guests who own up to a breakage, or mess.


‘When guests vomit’, my Favourite Prince track


@Barns - that is SO gross. :slight_smile:

So is this topic, actually. But I have to agree with people who are asking why the hell the guests didn’t clean up properly.


I haven’t been sick for years but I remember using a bowl or bucket. Simple. No need to vomit on the bed.

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