When guest is also a host, how to see their listing?

I have a reservation coming up and just noticed that it says in guest profile that she is also a host. Does anyone know how I can see her listing? I don’t see a link to it in her profile nor are there any reviews for her as a host showing in her reviews. Thanks!

There is no method to find that guest’s own Airbnb listing, unless you directly ask. You could message them: “I would love to see your Airbnb listing, so we can compare notes when we meet. Can you please send me the weblink to your rental unit? Thanks.”

Guest profiles are not always updated. One guest’s home was listed as being in Rhode Island, 3,000 miles from my Northern California Airbnb. At check-in, I learned that guest had move two years ago to San Francisco.

I wish Airbnb owners would receive a discount when staying in other Airbnbs. That discount would be deducted from Airbnb’s service fee and not the host’s nightly guestroom rate. But I am hoping for too much!


Why would you want to see her listing? The reviews are there to see. I guess you could ask her if it is important to you.

Thanks Don. I like your idea of a host discount! We travel a lot as well and have stayed in Airbnbs all over the world. I don’t usually announce that I am a host but now it’s there in the reservation details.

In one case when I hosted their listing was part of the profile; in the other instance there was enough information in the profile and reviews that a quick google uncovered the listing. In your case I’d just ask them.

I find that by seeing the listing it gives me insight into their expectations (i.e. bar soap or dispenser; rigid house rules, breakfast provided, strict checkin / out times, etc.)


I have found that if you are on the website and click on there photo threw that your conversation that it will take you to their profile and you can see their listing as well as their reviews


Thanks MissSwan, yes it used to be like that but not anymore, at least not on what I see, could be different for you.

I did it again just yesterday… I’m in the US… that’s sad if no one else can! Its helpful!