When did Airbnb remove Host option for no infants, toddlers and children und 12?

Guest just booked with a 1 year old baby which is not safe for my suite. I used to have it checked off but that option seems to be gone. Fortunately I have in my house rules, only 2 guests due to insurance policy and not infants, toddlers or guests.

Guest is refusing to cancel. I told them that If I cancel they may not get all their fees back. I’m pretty sure Airbnb will not penalize me since it’s in my house rules and my insurance doesn’t cover a third human being.

When did this change? Was a notice sent out (LOL). What is going on?

Well, I had airbnb cancel the reservation, penalty free but they said it is a one time courtesy cancellation. WTF -

Hmm, I still have those options in my back-end.

Under “Guest Safety” then “Safety Considerations” there are still two options for children age 2-17 and infants 0-2 years.

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Good idea. there used to be specific age groups allowed. I do have in my rules and also states only two people but I’ll go add them to those sections too.

I just checked and I do have it listed there too. And yet, airbnb says they are doing a one-time courtesy cancellation without penalty.

I’m still seeing it on my listings in a different state. Is it possible they removed it from yours since it’s not legal in MA to discriminate against age or familial status in STRs?

edit: Never mind. I just looked at your listing and it’s still there. They moved it to be under Safety & Property instead of under House Rules a while back. Are you not seeing it under Safety and Property?

The person who responded above mentioned to me where they moved it. And yeah I found it. Airbnb acted like they were doing a big favor for me to cancel a reservation that I can’t accept.

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Oops, I missed that.

Also, I wanted to mention that I only brought up the MA law because I thought that may have been why they had removed it (though it turns out they hadn’t). I was not implying you’re breaking the law because you aren’t since it’s a duplex and you’re owner-occupied. I only know that Airbnb does things in big sweeps and doesn’t pay attention to the important details so thought it was a possibility.


Seems like Airbnb moved it to “Safety and Property” so you couldn’t cancel on the basis that the guests intended to break House Rules?

Another thing- regardless of the filters a guest inputs, they are still shown listings that don’t jive with those filters. It apparently depends on how many listings fitting the filters are available. So if a guest filters for “pet friendly” and there are only 3 listings in the area which are pet friendly and have availability, only the first 3 listings will be pet friendly, and the following ones won’t.

Of course guests aren’t aware of this, and would assume they are being shown only listings that fit the filters, and if they don’t drill down and read everything in the listing info, you’ll get these non-conforming bookings and requests. So it isn’t always that the guest just feels entitled to ignore your booking parameters on purpose.

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