When can we expect the earnings summary for 2021?

when can we expect our 2021 earnings summary? mine still shows only 2020 information

The deadline to issue 1099s is January 31st.

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thank you so much. nowhere on airbnb do i actually find that information, so this is very helpful


Airbnb just says “late January” on the website, but that’s because January 31st is the IRS deadline for all 1099s (and W2s too), but they often get sent out earlier.

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@jeannez…I was able to download a csv file yesterday with my earnings and it’s broken down by guest, gross, host fees, cleaning fees, etc. It’s not the 1099 I’m expecting, but the information is there. Go to the insights tab and look for earnings. Click on that and scroll down and look for “transaction history.” https://www.airbnb.com/users/transaction_history

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