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When an account gets deleted, are the corresponding reviews removed?

Hello everyone,

The question is in the title. The answer to this question should be yes, but can anyone confirm this is actually the case? And just for clarity, the reviews I’m referring to are both as a host and a guest. This is a purely hypothetical question.

You had me worried for a minute :wink:

Are you meaning something like this scenario: You had a nightmare guest who violated your house rules and then left you a horrible review. After getting review by Air, their account was deleted and therefore their review disappears too? I’m not sure, but I sure would hope so!

HI @Sarah_Warren,

Sure, that’s one scenario. But I really just meant the question generally. For example, on Stack Exchange, if a person’s account is deleted, all that account’s activity - questions, answers, comments, up votes, down votes, disappears into the aether. But it’s not impossible that Airbnb does things differently.

Are wondering if Francois will get deleted? :smiley:

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What that addressed to me? If so, no. It was just a general question. And should that have been “Are you”?

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yes…Just wondering if Francois is going around the world being terrible to other hosts. :smile:

Hi @konacoconutz,

Well, let’s hope not.

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