When a guest tells you before leaving that they're going to leave you a good/great review

What do you say in return? Do they actually leave you such a review?

Yes, the guests who have told me that they plan to leave a great review always have. When they tell me, I say, “Thank you very much. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your stay here.”


Yes, as with EllenN, they’ve always left a great review after mentioning they will. I too thank just thank them. Guests rent a private suite in the house, so I don’t have much face-to-face contact and don’t know how they’ve left the nest until I check it later.

I’ve been so lucky because only once did I choose to leave a guest a mediocre review - after hosting more than 300 strangers.

Perhaps they assure you of a great review in hopes of reciprocation in kind, but I doubt that very much. I believe it’s from genuine gratitude.

Why did you ask, Astaire?

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I’m guessing because there’s been some recent discussion around the “you just can never tell with guests”. Some are nice, hug you on departure and then leave a crappy review. Others are stand-offish and seem vaguely unhappy and end up leaving a glowing review etc etc etc.

I would say that guests who promise to leave a good review usually do. Or they don’t leave one at all. I can’t recall a guest who said they’d leave a nice review and then didn’t. Having said that, there probably have been guests who think 4* across the board and some helpful constructive criticism counts as a “good review”. You could argue that these are normal people with normal expectations - unlike Airbnb …


I’ll come to it. :slight_smile:

I first want to know people’s experience and thoughts without prejudicing them with my observations and conjecture.

I’m curious as to what happened Astaire. Do tell!

I had a guest that did this recently - personal messages singing our praises but she never left a review. I don’t review until last minute no matter who it is and what they said they were going to say (unless they have already reviewed me) but I never heard a peep from her. Maybe because she thought better of it bc she snuck in extra people and left 17 bags of garbage for 4 night stay and thought I’d crack her for it?

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And you did, right?

I’m not sure if @Astaire saw this or not.

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