Wheelhouse Specific Dates Help?

Does anyone else use Wheelhouse that can assist me with an issue I’m having? Normally I require a 2 day stay on the weekends but one weekend in December I have found myself with a single Friday unbooked. I went to wheelhouse and input the specific date with the requirement of only 1 day per booking, saved it and it didn’t take. As per the instructions I waited 15 minutes before syncing settings but once I synced it, it disappeared. I tried doing it on just airbnb, just wheelhouse, on both, airbnb first then wheelhouse, vice versa, nothing works! The most I get is for my listing to show available that date for a few minutes and then poof, it’s gone. Am I doing something wrong? Can someone explain the process as if I was a 2 year old because I’m absolutely stumped as to how I can set it up in a way that I haven’t already tried. Thanks!

Do they have a helpline number you can call?

No, but they do have a chat button. I sent them a message but no solution yet.

@Greta_Hunold, I use wheelhouse and always forget when setting date requirements that you need to essentially save twice. First, when you create the requirement, and then you must click the “Save Changes” button at the top.

If you’ve already done both those things, I’m all out of ideas!

Unfortunately, yes I’ve done both! I’m still hoping they will get back to me with an answer. I wonder if this is affecting only my account, if it works fine for you?

I haven’t added a new requirement lately but, when I do, I do it only from the wheelhouse site. And I do not click on the “sync the settings” link. I wait for the changes to show up on the Air site which usually takes less than 15 mins.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out. I’ve found them to have good customer service.