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Wheelhouse pricing


I am doing a 30 day trial and just went live, the most I have ever charged for my small home in AZ is $289, Wheelhouse bumped dates this month to as much as $440 and I see dates in my normal down season for as much as $545, it seems crazy. Anyone seen their rent rate double? Anyone seen the price double and you got no bookings?


What are other comparable properties in your area charging?


That’s how I set my rate in the first place, by other prices. We’ve recently had added home charge super low prices, though I have seen some Evolve holes with the odd high price.


I just started a trial with them also, so will be curious to see what you think of the service.

They also suggested some extremely high rates for me - close to $600/night where the most I’ve charged is ~$270. I did tweak the max price, weekend and seasonal settings so things seem more in line with what I expect and then looked at my prices vs competitors to ensure they weren’t too far out of whack.

I’m afraid if I charged 2x what I do now I’d really see it in the “Value” ratings.

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